Raiders May Soon Wish They Didn’t Push Off Derek Carr’s Contract Extension

The Raiders deserve credit for two of their most recent contract contract extensions. Jon Gruden and company assumed some risk at the time of the signings, but the extensions signed by Darren Waller and Kolton Miller look to be two of the better long-term deals on the roster.

One opportunity the Raiders may have whiffed on, though, was the chance to extend Derek Carr in the offseason.

The Raiders were said to be working with Carr’s agent on a new deal, but the team reportedly decided to push off a new financial commitment to Carr until after the season.

That decision may end up costing the Raiders a lot of money.

Whatever parameters were being discussed three months ago are essentially out the window after two regular season games. Obviously it’s early in the season, but at the rate things are going, Carr might soon be in a position to pick his price.

Carr signed a relatively team-friendly deal back in 2017, despite the fact that he owned all the leverage in negotiating the deal. Now it’s starting to feel like he might be in that position again soon.

Will he be inclined to do the team any favors this time around?

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5 thoughts on “Raiders May Soon Wish They Didn’t Push Off Derek Carr’s Contract Extension

  1. I remember well, after Carr won 12 games in 2016 and was signed to a new contract, all the bawling and squawking about how he wasn’t worth anything etc. No matter how well Carr plays, there will be some whiners. And add Mad Maxx to the new contracts. He needs to be paid too.

  2. Trying to get a head start on pushing Carr will be traded? Or that the Raiders are too cheap to pay him, or the 15 other made up rumors that the raidersbeatdown like to push.

  3. Carr said a month or so ago that he wanted to be a Raider for life. To go along with that he wants to win. I believe he will sign a team friendly contract once again so the Raiders can sign other players as well.

  4. Derek Carr wants to win! There is your reason he isn’t pushing for an extension, he’s not going to take everything from the team to sacrifice losing! He’s not going anywhere… Find something better to write about!

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