Raiders’ No. 2 TE Has Been the Common Denominator in Each of Their Five Wins

Since the loss of Henry Ruggs, the Raiders have been desperately searching for answers on offense.

DeSean Jackson was added to be a deep threat to the team’s wide receiver group, but he hasn’t made much of an impact since being signed. Bryan Edwards and Zay Jones have been inconsistent, but even more disappointing has been the coaching staff’s inability to consistently use third-year tight end Foster Moreau.

Moreau caught a touchdown in the Raiders’ 32-13 loss to the Bengals on Sunday, but for some reason he only played 17 offensive snaps in the game. For a player with his play-making abilities, that’s nowhere near enough time on the field for Moreau.

In fact, one of the common denominators in each of the Raiders’ five losses this year has been Moreau’s lack of playing time.

During the Raiders 3-0 start, Moreau was averaging 44 offensive snaps per game. Inexplicably, his snap counts dropped to 17 and 15 in the team’s next two games which ended in losses to the Chargers and the Bears. The Raiders won their next two games and Moreau saw his snap counts jump to 24 and 66 (Darren Waller was out against the Eagles) in those contests.

The Raiders’ have since entered a three-game losing streak and Moreau has become a forgotten man again. He hasn’t played more than 22 offensive snaps in the three games since Ruggs was released. Making that coaching decision even more of a head-scratcher is the fact that Moreau was the Raiders’ highest-graded offensive player (Pro Football Focus) on Sunday against the Bengals – but was only on the field for 36 percent of the team’s offensive snaps.

For all the talk about the Raiders’ lack of effective game-planning in recent weeks, maybe one of the more obvious solutions will be to put their forgotten playmaker back on the field again.

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4 thoughts on “Raiders’ No. 2 TE Has Been the Common Denominator in Each of Their Five Wins

  1. They have to go back to the pass heavy game they had in the first few games. Trying to force a running game with our line is silly. Lets get Mariota more involved on a couple of snaps per series. Especially 3rd and long as he is way more mobile. Lets use both tight ends and Renfrow, along with the backs. Right now its obvious that Bisaccia isnt the guy long term.Once they get that passing game going again they can sprinkle in some play action and pick and choose to run. But, it shouldnt be on every 1st down. Olson seemed to be calling a better game the fist two weeks where now it looks like someone else is calling the plays.

    1. Also, not to sound like a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory guy but I notice the penalties are more one sided than in years past. Always seems to happen on good plays. Ive seen way more aggressive hits on QB’s go uncalled that the little push the Raiders seem to get called for lately. Penalties against the Raiders on Sunday set up at least 2 scores for Cincy when the game was still close. I think the NFL is trying to screw the Raiders right from how the e-mails were released that cost them the coach. Gruden left a lot to be desired but I think they would have beat the Giants and Bengals and would have shown up against the Queefs

  2. The play calling has been bad. The aren’t using their offensive talent correctly. They need better play from the offensive line as well. They have talent. Open up the playbook and get everyone going. Carr needs to be confident and a better leader.

    1. I don’t see a lack of confidence, nor a lack of leadership from Carr. I see a bad offensive line, very bad play calling and Ruggs missing. DC isn’t missing many throws or anything. Either he hasn’t had protection to let the play develop or guys haven’t been getting open.

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