Super Bowl HC Thinks Raiders Aren’t Game-Planning Well Without Jon Gruden

After a chaotic couple of months, there are plenty of reasons why the Raiders aren’t playing well. But what is the biggest factor in the Raiders latest mid-season collapse?

Former Super Bowl head coach Bill Cowher thinks the problem might be inferior game-planning with Jon Gruden no longer in the building.

“You almost just wonder if when Jon Gruden left, did they lose a little bit of that influx of what they’re trying to do from the standpoint of game-planning,” Cowher said on Sunday during the pre-game show.

It would make sense.

In the Raiders last three games, the offensive coaching staff has not found effective ways to attack defenses and the loss of Henry Ruggs has made the challenge even more difficult.

Furthermore, it would be interesting to know which coach or player has the strongest influence on the offensive side of the ball right now. Is it Greg Olson… is it Derek Carr… or is it someone else?

Whoever is calling the shots (or maybe it’s a think tank of coaches) over the past few weeks, it might be a good idea for the team to listen to a different voice on offense… because the status quo right now isn’t working.

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28 thoughts on “Super Bowl HC Thinks Raiders Aren’t Game-Planning Well Without Jon Gruden

    1. Right. Because the rest of the team has solid Probowl caliber players. Stick to Madden bud cause there’s a reason your not coaching football

    2. The NFL cheating has nothing to do with it lol.Raiders have been black balled by NFL since AL Davis sued the NFL for 25 million.The 25 million NFL tried using to build new coliseum in LA.Roger Goodell is a Coward using petty tactics to seek revenge.Is this a sport or high school.

      1. I agree 110% “High school mentality” Thats exactly why the Rams got away with screwing St. Louis! The NFL & Its fine owners knew that if the Raiders moved to Los Angeles they would be screwed again by the thinking of the Davis family.

  1. Cowher? Are you available? We would love to have you. You would fix the no brainer penalties immediately!! 9/10s of the problem.

  2. We really need to clean house and start all over.
    Nothing to be gained with Carr as the QB that had proven for so long now that he doesn’t have it.
    Get a new young head coach if it can be done cause the Coach Bisaccia doesn’t have what it takes to get the Raiders to the next level no matter what the players say he is their guy.
    Look at the Chargers with a top notch QB!
    And even if we have a good spot this coming draft, just don’t have any confidence with Mayock !

    1. I wouldn’t call Herbert a top notch QB just yet… He too will change in the time spent in the NFL! Its not like he’s undefeated and lighting up the league! LMAO….

  3. I’m over it, yes we suck and YES we need a whole new GM, Coach etc… so F’in disappointing been a fan for 40yrs, the last 20 have been daggers in the heart. Bench Carr and put in Marcus for balance of season, bring up practice squad guys who want it. Then off season bring in quality Team and lets stop Fuc#$>& Around.

    1. If Mariota is so good why did no one grab him? Why has no one traded for him? Why did no one sign him when the raiders cut him to restructure his salary. Why hasn’t he been used? Think for 1 split second before posting nonsense

    2. I’m from fresno CA and have been a Carr fan sense his first snap at fresno state. I talked about him being a great NFL QB and was more then excited when the raiders drafted him in the second round. I believed that he would be the QB to bring us back and make us a high power offense that’ll contend in the afc for a championship. I did keep one big thing in mind about Derek Carr! His play in his last game as a bulldog against sanjose state he showed some of the traits eirly on in that game that lasted through out the game that would be the the deciding factor in why the bulldogs lost that game,a bug time game of all. Derek was under pressure he had not seen all season,he make some good quick throws but when the pressure got too close he would shut down and or make a bad throw and in some instances go down with the ball. Him being young and hungry is what kept him in the game and by the grace of the man above he had devonte Adam’s as his escape man to go to when everything infant of him was breaking down.
      Now fast forward to the NFL. Derek has suffered several injuries that occurred when he was under heavy pressure! He’s still dealing with heavy pressure up the middle and on the right never forget a situation you were in when you got hurt and when you in that same exact situation again and again it’s not an easy task to stay focused and poised,stick to the script and not panic when you in a uncomfortable situation you know took you out before. He’s not the same,young and hungry player he used to be. Alot has gotten in his head & he’s lost a lot of people he cares alot about arround him and I dont think he’s mentally strong enough to overcome all of that in a raiders uniform. The bad traits he showed in the san jose state game have only grown and had become a part of his game he cant get away from. WITH that being said it is time for

    1. Get the oc from kc he deserves to be a head coach and the talent is there. Gm and Carr have to go.If u can’t get Russ or if for some reason if Watson doesn’t get convicted and get get him. Use mariota and draft a gb and develope him. They also need a #1 Wr

  4. Seems to me the Raiders needed Henry Ruggs more than they needed Jon Gruden. Better game plans would help, but Gruden was just as conservative. Edwards and Zay Jones need to be more involved, and Drake and Jacobs can catch dink-and-dunks.

  5. The Raiders problem starts with the twit with the bowl but who owns the team. Force the Davis family out of the NFL

  6. it does not matter what kind of game plan it is if you don’t execute on 3rd downs. Carr has complete control on line, he can audible anytime he wants and he does. He KILL KILL so many plays, in fact he audible out of a play on 3rd and 6 and chose a running play which went for 2 yards…This is a Carr problem like it has been the last 2 years in a row when Raiders were 5-2 and collapsed. Carr is a September warrior and a November and December failure. The Carr Cult better choose a new team cause Carr won’t be with Raiders next season. New Regime, New QB, New team with some players like Crosby and Renfrow and Waller and Edwards will remain but that’s about it. Jacobs probably be gone, Abram likely gone. Mayock is out the door. Who knows what the new GM/President will do but Mark Davis is already looking around.

  7. DC and Olsen were talking about how they simplified the offense when JG was forced out by the league! The offense looks flat and boring and unenthusiastic and defenses are finding it simplified as well! No adjustments are being made either! Leave DC alone, he’s a Raider through and through, up until the giants he doesn’t lose us games the real raider fans know we’ve had many QB’s who lost us games! Now I will say, if the offense starts to sputter Thursday I think they have to throw Mariota in! He’s not going to resign with the raiders after the season unless he’s the starter, I think the coaches need to figure out if it’s OK to just let him walk! If I’m Mark Davis, I pull a quote from my dad’s play book and tell DC “it doesn’t matter if you play good, it only matters that we win”

  8. All this crap is starting at the top with Davis! Sell now! We need a newer & better owner!

  9. Yes, the coach calling skills r missing. Go Chucky.
    Carr isn’t the blame. They have a weak undisplined offensive line.

  10. We need to stop holding back go out their and throw deep go no huddle. Their is no running game and they know all we can do is throw. Use Jackson and his speed Coach Olsen did the same when he was here last time. Put Tom Cable as the offensive coordinator he is aggressive.

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