Raiders Reportedly Have Interest in Trading for Justin Fields

When it was announced just over two weeks ago that former Bears offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy was being hired by the Raiders to fill the same role, a report suggested Getsy’s arrival in Las Vegas “likely eliminated” any chance the Raiders would trade for Justin Fields.

But that might not be the case.

According to NFL insider Tony Pauline, the Atlanta Falcons and Pittsburgh Steelers are believed to be interested in trading for Fields, but the Raiders are apparently in the mix, as well…

There’s another team that I’m told has genuine interest in acquiring Fields and will [be] exploring trading for him: the Las Vegas Raiders…

Sources tell me Tom Telesco, named as the team’s general manager on January 23, wants a big name at the quarterback position. The fact that the organization signed former Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy will make the transition easier for Fields.

Throwing to All-Pro receiver Davante Adams will surely be appealing to Fields, and having Jakobi Meyers only makes the Raiders even more appealing.

The Raiders have nine draft picks at their disposal as ammunition to trade for Fields, including a pick in each of the first six rounds, starting with the 13th selection of the draft, and three picks in the seventh round.

After a relatively disappointing season together with the Bears, there have been questions about whether Fields and Getsy would want to pair up again with the Raiders.

But based on Pauline’s report, it sounds like at least one side is open to the idea.

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  1. I think that Justin Fields is a set back for our team. Don’t take that chance on him. Just going to set us back. We are moving forward not backwards

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