Report: Raiders “Haven’t Slammed The Door” On Trading Khalil Mack

Another day, another Khalil Mack trade rumor.

The difference with the latest rumor, however, is it comes from one of the biggest NFL media outlets on the web (and television, for that matter).

From Mike Florio of

“Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Raiders haven’t slammed the door on the possibility of trading the 2016 defensive player of the year. That said, the Raiders are being coy with the teams that have inquired…

Trade or no trade, the Raiders and Mack remain lacked in a bizarre impasse. He’s one of the best defensive players in the league, but Mack hasn’t gotten any offers from the team since February. At this point, the Raiders may simply be waiting to see whether Mack is willing to skip regular season game checks, which will exceed $814,000 per week.”

Common sense would say that the Raiders are not hoping to trade arguably the best defensive player in the league, especially after saying they would like to have gotten it done a year ago. But there’s a new sheriff in Oakland and who knows what Jon Gruden is really thinking about paying Mack a record contract.

Believe what you will about what the Raiders are thinking with Mack, but the fact of the matter is the team is heading down a road with Mack that they were never willing to go with Carr. We’ll see where that road leads soon enough.

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19 thoughts on “Report: Raiders “Haven’t Slammed The Door” On Trading Khalil Mack

  1. Ran into Mark Davis last night. He told me exactly what the Raiders are thinking, but I cant disclose that information. My lips are sealed. God help us all.

      1. He said the NFL is going back to no salary cap next year so he’s waiting to pay him $200 million guaranteed!!!!!

    1. Really ok thanks for update never saw or read anything from u but thanks excellent dialogue

  2. Everyone knows it is gruden who is behind Mack not being signed,he keeps saying hopefully we cabin here but he doesn’t mean it. Reggie is not making the call because if he was you see more progress believe me.

  3. Everyone knows it is gruden who is behind Mack not being signed,he keeps saying hopefully we cabin here but he doesn’t mean it. Reggie is not making the call because if he was you see more progress believe me.

    1. What makes you so sure? Why wouldn’t it be his agent Joel Segal? He’s well known for pulling this ****.

  4. Florio is a Raider hater, don’t get it twisted. Dude has written more hate pieces than Alcaraz, and he is right up there with Cowturd in my book. Just my opinion, but I don’t trust any sports news reporters, I don’t care who it is…….and this Gruden blaming needs to stop, just like these trade rumors. I guess people forgot how Khalil is under contract regardless, and can be franchised tagged for two more seasons, after this season, if the Raiders want to. These “sports” reporters should know sports before saying dumb crap, but the mindless sheep who follow them and believe what they say is the truth, have absolutely no clue what is entailed behind the scenes. Glorified click bait artist, who say whatever, whenever to boost the ratings for their own self promotion by lies or rumors tactics. Research and understand how contracts work, before spewing off at the mouth, and believing the hype train conductors. It is all about the ratings and the rankings to them, remember all the Aaron Donald and Le’Veon Bell trade talks and rumors of last season when they held out ? Those two players are old news from last season, but a new face has emerged and is doing the same thing, which is what his agent is telling him to do. The “sky is falling” tactic of B.S. news is back again in full force, sickening to the point where it compelled me to respond to this B.S. article, tired of seeing and hearing about garbage *** rumors that hold and have no truth what so ever. Khalil is going nowhere for at least the next three seasons, if the Raiders are smart, but they would be even smarter to sign him to a long term deal. He needs to report before that happens, Reggie don’t negotiate over the phone when it comes to contracts, he does it face to face. Would you want to agree to a contract via telephone and the player shows up overweight or out of shape, I don’t think so……

    1. **** you nailed that couldn’t have that better myself!!!! All these raider haters hoping we get rid of Mack dumbasses RN4L!!!!

    2. Finally!….Finally someone wearing it to the point where everybody can understand I’ve been saying this on multiple sites that we are not and will not negotiate unless he’s in Camp his agent is the one that started this all these media Outlets are adding gasoline to the fire because that’s what they get paid to do clickbait clickbait I’m going to sit back and watch it all but take it with a grain of salt people and yes I’m too finally saying something we have them for 3 years I’d like to have Mack happy but if he’s going to follow the direction of Joe Segal then he’s going to learn the hard way that this is business too…Get in Camp and sign…or you’re going to lose a year of accrued free agency.

  5. Really ok thanks for update never saw or read anything from u but thanks excellent dialogue

  6. Quit playing financial games. Pay the man already! He has proven his dedication and worth to the game. We the fans, want to see Mack be a Hall of Famer for The Raiders!! With a larger supporting cast, the defense led by Mack could certainly be headed in the right direction. Please, Mark Davis make it happen already!!

    1. I Approve This Message as a Raiders fan…all the way from Mississippi..Mack is a once n a life time player..hell if Calhoun,Key,Hurst, n etc work out, Move Mack to MLB, not not he cant,..the we Stand him up n let him lock down middle..

  7. We cant have our qb at 25 mil a year and our DE around 22 mil a year. We should do what the patriots do and trade him a year or 2 into his new contact for some draft picks. Mack is scheduled to make 13 mil. This is all on his agent. Trying to have a pissing contest with a thorough bred (Gruden).

  8. They are waiting on Donald’s deal to get done. I hope Davis is smart enough not to let Gruden ruin the team.Have faith Davis is smarter than people think. How much is he getting from NV ? Oh yeah 750 million!

  9. This idea that the raiders can’t afford to pay him is ridiculous. The salary cap for 2018 is $177M. Let’s just for the sake of simplicity call it $175M and even say it’s going to be locked for the next 5 years.

    That means the raiders will pay out roughly $875M over the next 5 years. Since the raiders have been on the rise, they have generally spent up to the cap levels. So the raiders WILL spend most of that $875M over the next 5 years.

    Whatever bonus and guaranteed money they pay Mack gets spread out over those 5 years. It all counts against the cap. There is no way around it. There is no going over the cap. Rich teams can’t spend more than “poor” teams.

    So if the Raiders decide to trade Mack, then guess what!!! They’re going to sign other players. Those players may make less than Mack but the raiders are going to spend $875M no matter what over the next 5 years. Those players that are signed will have guaranteed contracts. Those contracts will require $$$ to be put in escrow. It may not be quite as much guaranteed up front as Mack but the NFL is known for printing money. So even if Mark Davis has to put a lot of money in escrow for Mack’s contract he can easily get a line of credit because no one thinks the NFL will go belly up in 5 years.

    In summary, Mark Davis has had no salary issues in recent years. NONE!!! So this idea that all of the sudden he can’t pay players is ridiculous. Now maybe Gruden prefers to sign more players with lesser talent. And if that’s the case then whatever. But this is not a cost issue. Guaranteed.

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