Will The Raiders Be Interested In Richard Sherman If He Is Released?

Unless something very unexpected happens, Richard Sherman is only hours or days away from hitting the free agent market.

As of now, the expectation is that Sherman won’t come cheap to whatever team is interested in acquiring his services.

The Raiders desperately need help at cornerback and the list of available options isn’t particularly long.

So would the Raiders be in the market for Sherman if (when) he becomes available?

Reggie McKenzie and Jon Gruden would have to consider Sherman at the right price and unlike most of the conversation out there, it seems like there is a good chance Sherman won’t get anywhere near the money he is looking for.

Sherman turns 30 in March and is dealing with the unknown of an Achilles injury he suffered in November. He also had a surgery in the past few weeks to address a minor issue with his other Achilles.

If Sherman signs with a team anytime soon, it would be a surprise to see him command an impressive salary.

What the Raiders really need to determine is what Sherman will look like when he finally does return and that isn’t something that can be known for a while.

Generally, an Achilles injury, particularly to a player of Sherman’s age, takes a while to recover from, but Sherman says he is ahead of schedule and expects to be running in April and well enough to play again by mini-camp.

Just a guess, but it feels like a one or two-year deal might be in the cards for Sherman.

Whether or not that deal comes from the Raiders will definitely be something to keep an eye on – particularly if the Raiders fail to lure any of the top cornerbacks currently available.

For what it’s worth, Raiders twitter is ready for Sherm…

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6 thoughts on “Will The Raiders Be Interested In Richard Sherman If He Is Released?

  1. The Raiders don’t need ailing Healing players, they have enough of them. Hate to say it but we should be releasing a lot of players and rebuild again. Build from the Draft.

  2. While Sherman has a lot of talent the unknown is too great to risk. The raiders have drafted injured players in recent past and should have learned from the experience. There are draftable DB and other FA available without all the unknown. How well did Smith work out in Oakland?

  3. We don’t have anywhere near enough $$$$ to sign him, plus his past beef with Crabtree, age, injury history? Forget about it…..not even worth mentioning it

  4. Sherman’s had a great career. He suffered an Achilles injury in NOVEMBER! Two year rehab for most to be 100%. Has 30 years old? I say NO, NO, NO!

  5. Damaged goods! This guy is off the reservation mentally and is coming off two Achilles tendon surgeries. NO WAY the Raiders sign this player…

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