Top Raiders Rumors From the Combine and the One Free Agent They Can’t Let Get Away

As expected, it’s been a week packed with Raider rumors from Indianapolis.

Combine week is peak #LyingSeason in the NFL, but let’s look at some of the top stories that have been floated around this week from Indy.

Mike Mayock talked about the risk of taking a wide receiver in the first round.

The Raiders’ General Manager offered three reasons why college wide receivers often have difficulty with the transition to the NFL. Listening to Mayock early in the week you would think the Raiders may not even take a wide receiver in the first round.

Then came a rumor on Thursday that the Raiders might actually take two receivers in the first round.

For the second consecutive year, Derek Carr has been at the center of trade rumors.

We knew this was coming, it’s just more divisive among the fan base this year than last. It’s become more like political debate this time around and that’s been disappointing.

Whatever the case, the Raiders have been linked all week to Tom Brady and NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport even tossed around the idea of Philip Rivers starting in Las Vegas next year. Believe what you want, but the recent quarterback storylines seem to be driven mostly by agents.

At the end of it all, could Brady end up in Las Vegas?

Sure, but the chances of that happening should realistically be somewhere around 5 percent.

We learned that Maxx Crosby put on significant weight in his rookie year and Arden Key, once again, apparently needs to gain weight, according to The Athletic’s Vic Tafur.

If he stays healthy, Crosby is going to be a Pro Bowler next year and probably an All Pro in the next few years. He’s a rare combination of work ethic, physical size and length, and athletic ability. If he continues at the rate he’s going, no one is going to missing… actually, can you imagine Crosby lined up across from Khalil Mack for the next four years?

That would have been an unstoppable tandem.

Look for the Raiders to go hard after defensive players in free agency.

They might not draft two offensive players in the first round, but they need to have three new linebackers and a new cornerback on the roster before the draft… just in case Gruden can trick Mayock into going out for pizza and drafts two wideouts while his better half is away.

There isn’t any good reason why the Raiders shouldn’t sign Rams LB Cory Littleton.

This isn’t exactly a rumor, it’s just fact. Littleton can tackle and he can cover. The Raiders might have to overspend on Littleton, but linebacker shopping from the bargain bin has been not working for long enough to think the Raiders should definitely not try it again this year.

The Raiders can match about any offer for Littleton and do it from the tax-friendly state of Nevada. No one needs Littleton more than the Raider so this is a marriage that is bound to happen.


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31 thoughts on “Top Raiders Rumors From the Combine and the One Free Agent They Can’t Let Get Away

  1. Yes. Two receivers in the first round is the way to go provided they trade back and receive a second rounder. Also a better back up RB, who can run. . . Moss from Utah in the 3rd, do it Mayock.

  2. hey gruden you should not trade derek carr period hes young an know your system you bring brady or rivers in will be a waste of time it wont work with them you are a smart coach keep derek carr an put sum wide receviers in there to help him out you trade carr or get rid of him will be the stupidist thang that you mayock do

    1. Totally agree! Keep Carr and surround him with some decent receivers. Take care of defense especially the linebackers through free agency.

      1. Take 2 wide outs lamb& pittman.moss sounds good.then go defense an we good.leave Carr alone.stop the rumors now.

    2. Totally agree, stay put with better receivers this upcoming season. If it doesn’t work, sale the farm for one of the top quarterbacks coming out next year. I would pick up Mariota for competition and eventually back up Carr. Go Raiders!

      1. You guys are blind, carr sucks he can’t see past 5 yards, look at his stats. Everything is under 10 yards it’s the receivers that make it happen. His passes are always off over throwing or short. Replace him is the answer my

        1. Carr is terrified of pressure and has no vision. He is more concerned about stats than wins. The only QB in history who throws the ball away on 4th and goal. Can’t afford an interception when he is negotiating his absurd contract. Can’t play in the cold either which also shows heart and nad. Known to have “Danny White Eyes” in big games.

      2. I concur. Carr is not going to hurt your team in any fathomable way from the very first game in Las Vegas into the playoffs. Build a reputable competitive defence.get a true #1 wr. And let it grow. A few more blitzes would not hurt
        It A

  3. With such a deep crop of wideouts this year I really hope we draft a young talent at linebacker. Littleton and Simmons would turn this into a position of strength for a change.

  4. garden I feel it would be a mistake to lose Carr he’s proved he’s got talent. L V RAIDERS need receivers and a strong safety in the backfield along with people who can give Carr the protection he needs. He will do better in the long run than a short term Brady. I’ve been a hardcore fan since1968 and believe the Raiders greatness is in their future at Las Vegas.

  5. Just curious where the 5% came from. I agree, there’s very little chance Brady even leaves New England, let alone signs with the Raiders. But, how’d you come up with 5%?

  6. Corey Littleton @ LB & Chris Jones @ CB, signed on Day 1 of FA, along with their choice of a #1 WR , a DT and a veteran power RB signed within that first week, paves the way for wide open Draft Day decisions by the Raiders. Owning 5 picks among the first 91 , the Silver & Black could then acquire premier talent at LB, FS, DB, WR and a D-lineman, in whatever order, followed by a late round QB prospect and another WR. All of which can be complimented by diligent signings of Undrafted Free Agents of their choosing. Last year’s off season choices began the foundation; adding the rest of the Gruden-Mayock bricks this second time around will complete the base that will lead to a Championship caliber team.

  7. Keep Carr Period Draft Trevor Lawrence next year to learn from Carr. Sign Littleton and Stephon Diggs. Draft Isaiah Simmons and Henry Ruggs III. Then cut Williams Burfect and Joyner.

    1. I love fans, Yes just draft Lawrence next year. Did you stop and think that you would have to lose almost every game next year to have a shot at Trevor Lawrence? Hell, If thats the plan go ahead and trade Carr for more draft capital away this year. Start Deshone Kizer go 1-15 and have a shot. Oh and yes, This year just draft Simmons. It doesnt matter that he wont be available to you at 12. Just draft him. Go ahead and give up whatever pics to trade up and get him. Cut Burfect even though hes no longer under contract. Cut Joiner with dead cap money. My God fans like this could do Mayocks job…lol

  8. Saul became Paul who was 1 of the worst guy ever in the bible and Jesus made him a disciple. Bring antonio brown back nowwwwwww!


    1. Once an idiot wasn’t enough for him,as he continues to be a idiot every day of his idiotic life. Coach was just messing with him didn’t really want him

  10. Draft CeeDee William’s and Jerry Jeudy in the first. If Carr cant respond with them two, he cant respond at all

  11. Three suggestions. All Cowboys FA’s.
    LB: Sean Lee
    CB: Byron Jones
    WR: Dez Bryant
    Lee and Bryant should be reasonable capwise. Jones, a bit costly but doable.

  12. Keep Carr he is young knows our Raider system and has proved he has talent he needs better players around him then he will be fine

  13. Derek Carr can kick rocks! We need a QB who can pass and pass on the run….two things Derek Carr hasn’t done as of late. The defense will be better with a health Abraham adding that intimidation factor

  14. It’s time for Carr to go. Since his injury he hasn’t been the same. He does try, but he’s scared now, often getting rid of the ball too fast. Most of all, we need a defensive make-over! Our defense sucks! We can’t hold anyone, especially when we really need to.

  15. Could you imagine Juedy AND Lamb! Renfrow in the slot and Waller at TE. Jacob’s and ingold. Dude that’s a straight Gruden squad

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