Re-Signing Nelson Agholor “Remains a Priority” For Raiders

Soon-to-be free agent wide receiver Nelson Agholor has been a topic of debate among fans and beat writers covering the Raiders for the past two months.

Is he going to be with the Raiders next year or not?

“Agholor remains a priority, but anything is possible in free agency so the Raiders have to be flexible,” Vinny Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote on Friday. “Should Agholor leave, it allows for more opportunities for second-year receivers Henry Ruggs and Bryan Edwards…”

If Agholor doesn’t return to the Raiders, Ruggs and Edwards may see more opportunities next year, but The Athletic’s Vic Tafur believes Jon Gruden will still want to add a veteran wide receiver. There have been rumors that the Raiders have an eye on JuJu Smith-Schuster, but the Steelers’ 24 year-old wideout is expected to have a much larger price tag than Agholor.

All things considered, it will probably be hard for Agholor to find a better deal than what he’ll be (or has been) offered by the Raiders. Few teams need Agholor more than the Raiders and Nevada state taxes should keep the Raiders competitive in terms of their offer. Agholor could find a better opportunity to win a Super Bowl somewhere else, but he probably won’t find a better opportunity to produce big numbers. He was Derek Carr’s most trusted target at wide receiver in 2020 and that most likely wouldn’t change in 2021.

If Agholor is, in fact, a “priority” for the Raiders to re-sign, the odds should be very good that it will happen.

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6 thoughts on “Re-Signing Nelson Agholor “Remains a Priority” For Raiders

  1. We better bring him back, he is huge for us and opens up the deep passing game. Please bring him back, ruggs and Edwards haven’t shown me they could step up if we didn’t resign agholor and maybe they would step up. But I would rather not risk it. Plus they could still step up with aghlor on the team. And dear God please for once help John gruden and mayock make good draft picks. They have been good rounds 4 through 7 but 1 through 3 first rounds they reach and miss hard. We are the second worst drafting team since 2017. That’s sad.

  2. Good. Pay Nelson what he’s worth, and don’t screw up the Raiders offense. Use Moreau at tight end (why did Witten get signed?), get a better running back to pair with Jacobs, and fix the freaking defense.

  3. Raiders need to Agholor, he will only get better and the method and training he did last year to rise to greatness can help the rookies. If I were Gruden, I would sign him wit a clause of training RUGGS and Edwards.

  4. The Raiders don’t absolutely have to have Agholor, but they need somebody decent. Ruggs and Edwards were less than stellar last season, and have to be regarded as completely unproven. Carr showed with Agholor that he can take a decent receiver and make him look very good. The fact that he couldn’t do the same for Ruggs and Edwards doesn’t look good for them. I hope the Raiders can bring Agholor back, as there are enough questions about this roster even without adding the WR position to the list. But if they can’t, I think the hole can be filled with a smart, talented free agent looking for a prove-it deal similar to Agholor last year. And Agholor’s success will attract guys looking for a chance.

  5. They should definitely re-sign ‘Nelly’ and if they could get their mitts on say kadarious toney, that should spice things up in the slot.

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