Report Says Raiders Might Be Considering Wide Receivers With Both First-Round Picks

File this one away for later, but would the Raiders draft two wide receivers in the first round?

Maybe don’t rule out the idea.

“Word at the Combine is the Las Vegas Raiders will go receiver heavy in the draft with some people telling me the team could use both first-round picks on the position. As usual, the franchise will look for speed at the position. While most believe they will target Jerry Jeudy, what will Las Vegas do if the Alabama junior is not available to them?” Pro Football Network’s Tony Pauline reported on Thursday.

“Keep a close eye on TCU wide receiver Jalen Reagor, especially with that second selection in the first round. I’m told the team really likes Reagor and he is expected to test through the roof, running incredibly fast with a vertical jump that will be at least 39-inches.”

One of the reasons the Raiders might think about drafting heavy at wide receiver is simply because the options in free agency are so limited. If the Bengals re-sign or apply the franchise tag to A.J. Green, free agency becomes pretty much Robby Anderson or bust at wide receiver.

So how about this strategy for the Raiders…

Spend all your Las Vegas money on a veteran defense and grab two legitimate playmakers at wide receiver in the draft.

Who says no?

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16 thoughts on “Report Says Raiders Might Be Considering Wide Receivers With Both First-Round Picks

  1. Who says no? I do.

    We are a conservative WCO offense whose centerpiece is our stud rb. On top of that we already have a 1000 yard receiver at TE, an ascending talent at slot, one of the better 3rd down backs in the game, AND we allowed Tyrell Williams contract to become fully guaranteed for 2020, like two weeks ago. Why would we do THAT if we planned on taking two wide receivers? So we could between either sitting an 11 million dollar receiver on the bench OR sitting a first round receiver on the bench when we have a ton of holes that need to be filled on defense? We dont even NEED to take a wide receiver with EITHER of our first round picks, because we already had a top ten passing offense, despite not one of our starting weapons ever playing in the offense, or, playing together before. We dont need someone to come in to catch 100 balls to make our offense hum. And if you take one first round wide receiver, thats kinda what you are saying. All we need is a fast guy who is a legit downfield threat. You can get a really good one of them at 19. On the other hand, we have an abysmal defense that has holes all over, which cant all be filled in free agency. If we take a wr at 12, let alone at 12 AND 19, i will be livid.

    1. We could en up trading tyrelle William’s?? I dont like the idea of 2 but we wont know til they make it happen

  2. It wouldn’t suck to have Lamb and Ruggs III at WR next year. Raiders do need help on defense, but I don’t see any 1st round talent that would be available at 12 or 19 that I would think could help more than 2 top notch receivers. There are a number of good CB available in free agency as well as some at interior D-Line and linebacker.

  3. First round wr usually fail, going for 2 gives us the best shot of finally giving Carr a #1. … next rumor… Trade the 12th pick for Diggs and draft his brother at #19. Then spend the rest of the draft on our front 7.

  4. I actually predicted that the day after the Superbowl. It would make a lot of sense being that Gruden really like Carr and wants to keep him. Loading him up with weapons would make great sense.

  5. I don’t know where these stories are coming from … Two receivers . ! in the draft for Tom Brady to throw two . come on … one step ahead of you .

  6. I love this idea. Getting two young speedsters will give the offense NO MORE excuses for not being able to score bunches of points. Additionally, this will undoubtedly put deserved pressure on the second and third string receivers to either perform or risk losing their jobs and salaries. In my opinion, healthy competition, for a roster spot will produce the desired effect of guys giving the effort necessary to make this offense a real threat to outscore other teams. NOTHING excites fans like seeing their team score points. PERIOD Now, with this team having not one but two deep threats, like Kansas City with Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins and two competent tight ends in Darren Waller and Foster Moreau coupled with runningbacks Josh Jacobs, William Stanback and Jalen Richard, the Las Vegas Raiders have the personnel, and indeed weapons, to compete, offensively, for the AFC West crown. I approve of this offensive move 1000 percent.

  7. That’s not a bad thing. However, with this draft so heavy in wide receiver talent. I don’t see it. They might only if the two top linebackers from Clemson and Oklahoma they want are gone. Don’t forget secondary.

  8. Not a bad idea we do need help badly on defence if that would happen u will see a big difference overall and handle the wide receiver issue thru our 1st to picks love the idea

  9. If you’re Raiders to take to receivers if they can get Judy and Jefferson from LSU That would be awesome. Free Agency go fo all defense LB CB and Go for J. Clowney or Griffin from Minnesota

  10. Let me state one additional reason why I am an advocate of the Las Vegas Raiders drafting two wide receivers with their two first round picks. I would like to see, and believe that it’s possible, a football team average two touchdowns every quarter. Call me overly optimistic but football started with the two yards and a cloud of dust mindset. Well, here we are in 2020 and why shouldn’t professional football enter into a 22nd century way of thinking? Scoring is exciting and good for professional football. Some offense, somewhere should be an offensive juggernaut. The knock on the Kansas City Chiefs, last year, was that they could score at any time, and on anyone, but couldn’t stop anyone else from scoring. Last year, the Baltimore Ravens continued this trend of putting up better than average scoring numbers. In my opinion, this concept needs to be taken to the next level. The Las Vegas Raiders have a chance to put up phenomenal scoring numbers should they draft two young, speedy wide receivers, in the first round, for years to come. You can call it Air Coryell 2.0 if you wish. No matter what it’s called, it would give the Las Vegas Raiders a legitimate chance to compete for the AFC West title, it would give Derek Carr or whomever else the Las Vegas Raiders have at quaterback, maybe Anthony Gordon, Tyler Huntley or Jordan Love, at the start of the 2020 season, the offensive weapons to be successful, it would give the Las Vegas Raiders’ fans the most exciting team in the NFL, it would increase the sales, and therefore revenue, of Raiders gear and most importantly, it would rejuvenate and revitalize this dormant and previously proud franchise. Additionally, this current Las Vegas Raiders offensive line, minus Brandon Parker, is better than it has been in years. NOW is the time to take advantage of that indisputable fact. As the old saying goes, You need to strike while the iron is hot. If nothing else, the offense would be set up for not just this year but also long term success. NOW is the time to bring back the long ball. Remember, chicks dig the long ball. True relevance is just around the corner for the Las Vegas Raiders, the only question is, will they have the hutzpah to place that bet?

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