Report Details When Jon Gruden And Marshawn Lynch Actually Met

Based on a Sports Illustrated story that was posted Monday, it sounds like we might have a good idea of when Marshawn Lynch and Jon Gruden actually got together.

Based on quotes in the story, Gruden confirmed that he met with Lynch on the day of his visit to Ricky’s Sports Bar in San Leandro, California – which happened to be on a Monday.

This tweet from Ricky’s is dated Monday, February 5.

The story quotes Gruden as saying “I met Marshawn today at the facility. He and Josh Johnson [a Texans backup and Lynch’s cousin] came in.”

Gruden’s statement doesn’t definitively indicate February 5 was their first meeting, but it does seem to be implied.

If that were the case, it would mean Gruden met with Lynch about 72 hours prior to reports (one of which was later redacted) indicating that Lynch had not been responding to calls from coaches.

As for what Gruden discussed with Lynch, it sounds like he was most interested in knowing how committed Lynch would be to returning.

“I don’t need this part-time Lynch. I need full-time Lynch… we need the real deal… If you’re going to put those letters on the back of your jersey, man, you’ve got to back it up, Marshawn—right? We don’t need another back, we need a feature back.”

Not reported in the story, but something that would be interesting to know… what was Marshawn’s response?

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  1. I am interested to know what marshawn had to say to coach Gruden. Does he want to come back and be a team player.

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