Romanowski: Paul Guenther Wants Every Defender To Know What The Other 10 Defenders Are Doing

The talk of the Raiders offseason has mostly revolved around Jon Gruden’s offense, but the most unrecognizable unit this year might actually be Paul Guenther’s defense.

Asked what has stood out most after watching the Raiders in training camp and preseason, former Raider Bill Romanowski said he came away most impressed by what Guenther is doing with the defense.

“What has really stood out defensively with the Raiders is a lot tighter coverage. I don’t see a lot of mistakes,” Romanowski said Wednesday on 95.7 The Game.

“The one thing with talking to Paul Guenther, he told me that you’ll be able to have a defensive lineman by the end of the preseason be able to stand up in front of the team and tell what every guy on defense is doing… his idea is I teach these guys defense and they need to know what every single guy on defense is doing.”

Guenther, it seems, is a masterful teacher and his efforts didn’t just start with the players. A Sports Illustrated report in June stated that Guenther took a full month off the offseason to teach his system to the new coaching staff to make sure everyone was on the same page when the players arrived.

In the same month, the Raiders website put out a story noting how differently Gruden’s coaching staff was approaching the team.

“I know it sounds kind of silly to say,” Eddie Paskal wrote on during offseason activities. “But it’s been really encouraging to see the Raiders coaching staff actually coach throughout OTAs and the Offseason Workout Program.”

Almost sounds like a little shot at the previous coaching staff, doesn’t it?

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3 thoughts on “Romanowski: Paul Guenther Wants Every Defender To Know What The Other 10 Defenders Are Doing

  1. Shots needed to be taken at the previous regime. They were dreadful. Just awful. Their system was awful and they weren’t skilled enough to get much out of a lot of the players they had on the roster.

  2. What previous coaching staff???lmao..this is easily why a 10+ win season in the books. WE HAVE the same team back from 12-4 season except better coaches and the stars we had are more seasoned and better talent a dline and secondary and looks like we will have a legit MLB. 11-5 floor 14-2 ceiling.
    Ps I predicted PJ hall to raiders in 2nd and Miller in first and said raiders should take Hurst and hall and key and nick Nelson, my predictions have been dead on… oh I also predicted athletics ro make playoffs

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