What Does Day 2 of Free Agent Tampering Have in Store For the Raiders?

With day one of free agent tampering in the books, let’s talk about what day two might have in store for the Raiders.

5 – Cornerback Byron Jones was a player the Raiders really wanted and so was safety Jimmie Ward. No one is complaining about Nick Kwiatkowski, but Monday definitely did not go as planned for the Raiders.

After what they were willing to spend on Jones, we know the Raiders are ready to spend for the right players.

4 – After missing on Jones, the Raiders can’t afford to miss on linebacker Cory Littleton. One of the worst defenses in the league will not improve significantly by shopping exclusively in the bargain aisle.

The bargain aisle is what got the Raiders here in the first place.

By signing Littleton and drafting another linebacker, the Raiders have a chance to make linebacker a position of strength on their roster. Overpaying Littleton might not be an exciting idea to everyone, but the Raiders have to sign a linebacker that can run and hold up in coverage. With the Chiefs in the division, linebacker speed isn’t a commodity. It’s a necessity.

3 – Tom Brady is apparently headed somewhere other than New England, but it won’t be Las Vegas. His free agency tour hasn’t gone even close to the way he had hoped.

Now the question is which quarterback is Bill Belichick going to go after to replace Brady?

2 – Will the Raiders sign Chris Harris Jr. or trade for Darius Slay? One of the two will end up in Las Vegas. Let’s give a little better odds to Harris since he’s actually a free agent, though neither are coming at a bargain price.

But all things considered, how can you do much better than Slay? The Lions cornerback is still one of the best in the league.

1 – Is wide receiver Robby Anderson the next move coming for the Raiders?

Defense still makes way more sense, but with all the teams trading for receivers in the past 24 hours, it’s fair to wonder if teams aren’t quite as high on the 2020 wide receiver draft class as the rest of us are.

On that note, would anyone have been disappointed if the Raiders had gone hard after DeAndre Hopkins?

It’s absolutely mind-boggling what Bill O’Brien is doing in Houston.

Is it time for #FreeDeshaunWatson?

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2 thoughts on “What Does Day 2 of Free Agent Tampering Have in Store For the Raiders?

  1. The debacle is in full effect already. 90 million for 5 years to sign Byron Jones was a steal. Blame Gruden and Mayock. Signing Mariotta and tendering Nathan Peterman on day one? Peterman would have been there forever and Mariotta wasn’t going anywhere either but apparently Gruden and Mayock thought so. Bridgewater may have cost more but was a better option. Gruden and Mayock loved Mariotta when he was first drafted and now they have him. Remember, these are the same guys who said that Johnny Manziel was a great quarterback. Also, wasn’t it Gruden who said that he needed a pass rusher after letting Khalil Mack walk? and needed a number 1 receiver after letting Amari Cooper walk? These clowns have their priorities in disarray and the Raiders and more so their fans will continue to suffer for it. But, don’t think that the foolishness is over, there’s much more to come. Just you wait and see.

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