Report: Raiders Will Draft Henry Ruggs III “If Gruden Gets His Way”

According to Pro Football Network’s Tony Pauline, Jon Gruden is most intrigued by a receiver not named Lamb and not named Jeudy.

“Speaking of the Raiders, and harkening back to the days of Al Davis, a source well-connected to the organization told me yesterday, “If Gruden gets his way, the Raiders’ pick will be Henry Ruggs.’” Pauline reported on Wednesday. “The Raiders need pass catchers and historically love to come out of the first round with speed – and they like Ruggs’ upside.”

It took a while to figure this out, but the Raiders seem to be playing an elite game of poker with which wide receiver they really want. GM Mike Mayock reportedly has CeeDee Lamb as his top receiver and more than a few reports have linked Gruden to the two receivers not named Lamb.

If the Raiders two most powerful men in the building can’t agree on which receiver they like most (or effectively push that narrative in the media) then how will anyone know which one they are hoping to pick?

Believe what you want, but the Raiders have plenty of outsiders thinking Gruden and Mayock are going to play tug of war at receiver right up until they are on the clock. Good luck predicting how that scenario might play out.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Will Draft Henry Ruggs III “If Gruden Gets His Way”

    1. Another Darius Heyward-Bay don’t do it!!! It will be us passing up on Megatron all over again!!!

    2. Here’s a list of super fast, smaller WR’s (less than 5′ 11″ tall, and less than 190 lbs), that ran sub 4.35 40’s, drafted in the 1st rd, over the past 7 years: Tavon Austin, Phillip Dorsett, Corey Coleman, Will Fuller, John Ross, Marquise Brown. Not saying that Ruggs will bust, but having great speed does not guarantee success on Sunday. None of these guys have come close to being true, #1 WR’s.

  1. Ruggs III gives us speed. Marc it’s just like his father,Al. I would be SHOCKED,if he’s there at 12 and Las Vegas doesn’t pick him. Instant upgrade to the receiving corp AND the return game. Boom.
    19 will either be traded(Jags),or they draft Terrell or Gladney. IMHO.

  2. There are several good receivers. They should trade 12th for a second round pick. At 19. Get a corner. With the other 1st get your receiver plus they got a 2nd rounder.

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