Six Predictions That Will Affect the Raiders Draft

Less than 24 hours until the draft. How about a few Raiders predictions to laugh about later?

Here we go…

Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa will fall in the draft.

Maybe the Dolphins or Chargers want him, and that would be understandable, but there are enough questions around Tagovailoa to think he might be in for a considerable slide. He’s an impressive human being and easy to root for, but the Drew Brees comparisons seem like a considerable stretch.

Hopefully this prediction is well off the mark.

Utah State QB Jordan Love will fall even farther than Tagovailoa.

Derek Carr player in the same conference as Love and wasn’t drafted in the first round. This tweet pretty well explains the rest…

Could a team try to trade up with the Raiders for either Tagovailoa or Love at pick 12 or 19?

The Raiders won’t draft a quarterback before round four.

Some haven’t enjoyed the Carr predictions (that he isn’t going anywhere) for the past two years, but the Raiders haven’t moved on from Carr so… you’re welcome for the sound wisdom. Who knows where everyone will be a year from now, but Gruden has enough investment in quarterbacks at the moment and he doesn’t actually prefer holding hands with young quarterbacks. Maybe the Raiders draft a late-round quarterback to hold down the QB3 spot, but none before that.

Clemson defensive player Isaiah Simmons is going to drop to pick 10… maybe all the way to pick 12.

If so, the Raiders will have an interesting decision to make.

It’s good that Simmons can play every position but is he elite at any of them? If the Raiders think so, then they run to the keyboard and make the pick. If not, maybe someone wants to make a deal?

No one is going to jump ahead of the Raiders to draft a wide receiver.

Why give away a second or third-round pick in this draft to get a receiver?

This logic also applies to the Raiders. No need to chase a receiver. Just let them come to you at pick 12. Mayock will have his hands full, but he will convince Gruden to wait and see which receiver falls to the Raiders at pick 12. One of the big 3 will be there.

Which wide receiver is at the top of the Raiders draft board?

Sources say it’s Henry Leudy III.

The Raiders trade back into the second round and draft a safety.

The Raiders need a safety and there are going to be great safety options at the end of the first round and beginning of the second round. Imagine the Raiders heading into the third round with a wide receiver, cornerback, and safety already in the bag.

There you go. Six predictions in all. Let’s see where we’re at three days from now.

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  1. I still say, now that we have Mariota, sell Carr for a 2021 1st round pick, that would enable Raiders to go and fetch Trevor Lawrence of Clemsion. Carr is not our answer, he is serviceable at best, but not elite. Trevor Lawrence is elite right now & has another year, he’s only lost 1 game in his entire career, and that was at the national championship last year against Joe Burrow and those receivers Burrow had. If TL had those same receivers, Clemson would have won.

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