Key Cog In Raiders Move Says Las Vegas To Offer More ‘Family Friendly’ Environment Than Oakland

How’s this for irony?

LV Stadium Company chief operating officer Don Webb says that the Raiders new home in Las Vegas needs to be a more ‘family-friendly’ environment than what the Raiders have in Oakland.

“We want the stadium to be not only a safe environment, but we want it to be perceived as a family-friendly environment,” Webb said via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “So I think there will be some changes, frankly, to the fan base when the team moves to Las Vegas and the method of operating the stadium. I think I’ll leave it there, but the team ownership and team management is very keen on projecting the right image when this team comes to Las Vegas.”

By all means make create a family-friendly environment, but make changes to the fan base?

Why dump on the fans that have carried the Raiders in Oakland for the past three decades – particularly those who have been standing with the organization through the worst of times.

Considering the majority of early season ticket deposits are coming from outside the state of Nevada, it will be hard to predict what kind of environment the new stadium will offer.

To his credit, Webb said he wants the stadium to be “perceived” as more family friendly than Oakland. If he’s smart, he won’t stop there. Why not offer an oceanfront Nevada vacation with each personal seat license sold?

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15 thoughts on “Key Cog In Raiders Move Says Las Vegas To Offer More ‘Family Friendly’ Environment Than Oakland

  1. Honestly this move is the worst thing the NFL has ever done and that’s saying something. After 33 years of being a diehard fan, in 2 years, I’m done. Thanks NFL for fucking up the only thing I’m passionate about.

  2. F-u Don Webb. The Raiders “fan base” is the most loyal, passionate and caring fan base in the history of the NFL. Ask the 49ers what it’s like to move and lose its soul. The idea that Vegas could provide a “family-friendly” atmosphere is the biggest joke I have ever heard. They will always be the OAKLAND Raiders and the fan base is RAIDER NATION!

    1. Umm, they will be Oakland only in a delusional mind when the move to Las Vegas just as San Diego Chargers is to DELUSIONALS in SoCal.

  3. I hope it blows up in their face. **** on the fan base that has taken care of a **** organization for 15 years. A family aptnospher in vegas. They tried that. It didn’t work. The NFL and vegas deserve each. Vegas doesn’t take care of their workers and the NFL shits on their loyal fans

  4. “Changes to the fanbase”. Are you kidding me. This guy’s an idiot. Wherever the Raiders go, the Nation will always follow. He won’t change anything, he can’t.

  5. This guy does know it’s Las Vegas, right? The most non family friendly city in america. Hookers, booze and gambling.

  6. It’s ridiculous to even talk about this move until I hear that the property is actually purchased and permits pulled. Agree this mistake of a move will mimic the 49ers move and suffer small crowds a few years down the road.

    1. John, Mark Davis bought the land and technically, they’ve already broken ground, there are machines on sight doing preliminary site prep…

  7. It’s fun that the league
    Would want the Raiders To move we all no it won’t sellout in Las Vegas .Sell the team

  8. They’re going to sellout every game. casinos will comp tickets. Why would Davis sell the team? I love the Raiders and want them to stay in Oakland but they’re going to Vegas and they’ll make a lot of money. It was and is the best option for Mark Davis. Davis did what no one thought was possible, he’s getting a real NFL stadium and he doesn’t have to share with another NFL team, he got the financing and he got the public money. The NFL thought he would’ve had to sell the team but he got it done and took Sheldon Addleson for a ride on the way. He’s got The Raiders in a great position on the field as well.

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