Report Says Raiders Have “Upper Hand” on Chargers for Jim Harbaugh

The Raiders might be eliminated from the playoffs, but the next couple of weeks are going to be incredibly significant for the team going forward.

It is widely believed that Jim Harbaugh and Antonio Pierce are the top two candidates to be the Raiders next head coach, but we’re relatively early in the hiring process and both coaches still have another game to coach in their respective seasons.

The Raiders won’t have to deal with many (if any) competing offers for Pierce, but that won’t be the case with Harbaugh. Among the other teams expected to pursue Harbaugh are the Los Angeles Chargers, who are considered to have one of the top HC job openings in the league.

But according to a report from NFL insider Tony Pauline, the Raiders are believed to have the “upper hand” on the Chargers if they want Harbaugh…

“Word inside the league is that both the Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers are pressing hard to make Harbaugh their head coach in 2024. There are unconfirmed rumors that both teams have put initial proposals in front of Harbaugh’s team, which I’m told is being led by agent Don Yee, who Harbaugh hired last week. There has been speculation the hiring of Yee is a sign the Raiders have the upper hand — rumors that I’ve been told are completely true.”

There is still a lot to be determined with the Raiders and Pierce has one more game to prove himself to team owner Mark Davis.

A convincing win over the Denver Broncos would probably make a move away from Pierce a tough sell to the Raiders’ locker room.

Of course, the argument for Harbaugh is that his coaching resume far exceeds what Pierce has been able to do with the Raiders over the last nine weeks.

Based on a Twitter X poll this week, the fan base is leaning towards Pierce going into Sunday’s regular season finale. We’ll take the temperature on that situation again on Sunday night after the game…

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6 thoughts on “Report Says Raiders Have “Upper Hand” on Chargers for Jim Harbaugh

  1. I’m all in on antonio pierce he’s the the leader raider nation is looking for he has the swag,respect of players and coaches give him a some time to build his foundation. Mark do the right thing players already spoke follow your father’s footsteps . I go a different route san Quinton cell block 4 is going to riot and the nation too raiders with attitude one love peace

  2. Please do not make this a difficult decision Mr. Davis. The Raider’s locker room needs a leader like AP. Not only does he know the game moreover the players respect him. No brainer. Keep AP!!!

  3. AP is the right choice, he is loved by the entire team and Raider Nation fans. Let’s make the easy choice and hire AP and not lose him to another team.

  4. I read where the Raiders gave permission to their assistant coaches to look for other jobs now the question is what does Antonio Pierce do without them? Harbaugh has more experience , and that makes him the man for the job!

  5. I have to agree that AP did a great job with what he had as a team. He did get the team to play much better for the last 9 games. He would be my 2nd choice with Harbaugh my 1st. I was at the ugly MNF game against the Lions, and wished so much we’d fired Josh McDaniel sooner. With AP, we beat teams like the Giants, Jets, Chiefs, Chargers and Broncos. We did beat the Chiefs, but they had no healthy rb or wr. We lose to the Dolphins which wasn’t to bad, but they played us without Waddle. Besides the Chiefs, the only other team we beat with a winning record was the Packers at 9-8. We lose to the Vikings, 3-0 C’MOM MAN!!! Let JJ go, as Z. White has stepped up. Renfrow needs to go be with his buddy in New Orleans, and PLEASE…….RELEASE Garropolo. Please build the trenches on both sides and get a new OC with Harbaugh leading the way. It’s been 41 years, since we won our last Super Bowl. I am so tired of us beating ourselves, making stupid penalties and turnovers.

    Raiders for Life!!!

  6. Hands down, AP has poured his heart and love into this team, locker room player phycy. Team has clearly responded to his style and expectations. This is a no brainer, not all high profile coaches are a perfect fit *cough* Sean Peyton*cough*,…… Let this man do what he has worked so hard prove, he IS what we have been looking for! GoRaydurNayshun!

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