Where Will All the Free Agent Quarterbacks Land? Here are Your Best Bets

So many quarterbacks and so many teams rumored to be looking for a quarterback…but where is everyone going to end up?

Just for fun, let’s make a few predictions here in the final days of February.

Indianapolis Colts – Philip Rivers. This one has been rumored for a while. The smoke has been wafting around long enough that there is probably something to it. It’s a good fit for everyone involved.

Los Angeles Chargers – Teddy Bridgewater. With no guarantee to get a good quarterback in the draft, the Chargers need to go all-in on a quarterback. Bridgewater is the Chargers’ best chance at a franchise quarterback among the 2020 free agent class. This won’t be the popular opinion, but Bridgewater might be the best QB option in free agency. Yes, 27 year-old Bridgewater should be getting at least as much interest as 43 year-old Tom Brady… but we all know that won’t be the case.

Tennessee Titans – Ryan Tannehill. Sign him long term and ride Derrick Henry to another AFC Championship game. Plan “A” for the Titans might be Brady, but…

New England Refs – Tom Brady. Once everyone starts thinking clearly, Brady will realize the grass probably isn’t greener in Tennessee. Too many mountains. But if things go sour between Bill Belichick and Brady over the next few weeks… just remember the Titans.

Las Vegas Raiders – Derek Carr. There is a reason none of the mainstream insiders think the Raiders are the favorites to land Brady. It’s because they aren’t the favorites to land Brady. Carr had his moments last year, good and bad. But he was still better than Brady.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jameis Winston. Alas, no one wants to go to the Buccaneers, so they keep the interception king and maybe sign Marcus Mariota, too. Or maybe Mariota thinks about a place like Chicago. He would win the Bears starting job by September.

Just something to think about, though. If Brady did go to the Titans, it might turn everything upside down. But sorry, Tampa. You’re still stuck with Jameis.

He’s your everlasting punishment for beating the Raiders in the Super Bowl.

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