Report Says Raiders Weren’t Unanimous on Decision to Sign Jimmy Garoppolo, Decision Came from Josh McDaniels

There were a lot of reasons why the Raiders chose to move on from Josh McDaniels, but there’s no question that near the top of the list was the underwhelming play of Jimmy Garoppolo, who signed a three-year, $72.5 million contract with the team in March.

Later we learned that Garoppolo’s contract came with a waiver that essentially allowed him to pass his physical with the Raiders.

“In the absence of this waiver, [Garoppolo] would not pass the club’s physical examination because of a preexisting medial and middle cuneiform and a fracture of the base of the second metatarsal in the player’s left foot,” the addendum read in an ESPN report in May.

Most likely the delay in the announcement of Garoppolo’s contract that was downplayed by just about everyone covering the team was related to the player and team coming together on the aforementioned waiver.

Another detail we’ve learned in recent days is that Josh McDaniels was the most determined person in the Raiders building to add Garoppolo.

CBS Sports insider Johnathan Jones reported this week that there were some in the building that did not want to dump $33 million guaranteed on Garoppolo…

“The Raiders, from ownership down, were ready to move on from their longtime quarterback Derek Carr before the end of the 2022 season. McDaniels pushed for Jimmy Garoppolo while some in the building wished for a bridge quarterback to get them to 2024. Garoppolo, bad foot and all, signed a three-year, $72.75 million deal in the offseason, then signed a revised deal that lessened his 2023 cap hit after he passed a physical.

He’s owed an extra $11.25 million in salary if he’s on the roster on the fifth day of the 2024 league year. It seems impossible today that the Raiders would find a trade partner for Garoppolo, meaning cutting him and eating the dead money in the future is going to be their only option after the season.”

One of the decision-makers in the building that is believed to have wanted to pass on Garoppolo was GM Dave Ziegler. It’s also been rumored that Ziegler is someone who wasn’t sold on the idea of parting ways with Derek Carr, but clearer details on that situation will have to wait for another day.

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