Should the Raiders Remove the Interim Title from Antonio Pierce Before the Season’s End? 3 Insiders Agreed on the Answer

If they shock the world and beat the Dolphins on Sunday, could the Raiders respond by removing the interim label from Antonio Pierce?

Three national insiders at The Athletic discussed the matter this week and all were in agreement on what the next step should be for the Raiders in their search for a head coach…

Mike Sando: “Beating the Dolphins would give Pierce great momentum, but there’s zero advantage for the team to rush into any decision. The Raiders should wait until the end of the season beforedeciding how to proceed. They should be researching candidates in the meantime while honing in their minds what it is they want in a head coach. Flashy should not be part of the equation.”

Jeff Howe: “Too early and not quite necessary. This is a major jump up the ranks for Pierce, so give him a chance to show what he can do, especially in the face of adversity after a loss or a key injury or whatever else comes the way of the head coach. There are going to be a few very high-profile head coaching candidates this offseason. It’d be bizarre if Mark Davis didn’t give himself the opportunity to see the process through.”

Kalyn Kahler: “Definitely too early to do that, and Davis’ past behavior makes me think he won’t. He didn’t hire interim Rich Bisaccia after the 2021 NFL season, and Bisaccia had the same effect Pierce has had on this Vegas team. Davis should be starting his process of figuring out what he’s looking for and who is going to help him look for it.”

The good news for Pierce is this… If the Raiders beat the Dolphins or the Chiefs in the next 8 days, Mark Davis is going to be under intense pressure to retain him.

It’s been a long year for Davis and he knows it was a terrible decision to walk away from the last head coach the players and fans were begging to keep.

There’s no way he would make the same mistake twice in two years… right?

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13 thoughts on “Should the Raiders Remove the Interim Title from Antonio Pierce Before the Season’s End? 3 Insiders Agreed on the Answer

  1. It wouldn’t hurt if they did ,and if I’m not mistaken, this will be the first time an interim coach has ever been the head coach on the same team. RAIDERS 4 LIFE AND AFTERLIFE

  2. If Antonio Pierce can get this roster to just 8 wins you gotta keep him and most of the coaching staff. By some miracle he gets them to the playoffs it’s a no brainier right ?

    1. I would think so. I’m a big fan of Ed Dodds but if Champ shows Mark that he knows what he’s doing (Farva being the quarterback would help) we can hit the off-season running.

  3. Lotta football left to be played. I like Pierce and think he could really be a good fit here, but wait til the offseason. Let everyone just focus on football now.

  4. I’m hoping Pierce shows out the rest if the way and retains the Job. That said I hope Mark gets some really good help in researching candidates for the next head coach. Hopefully he won’t fall in love with another coordinator that did well under a good head coach. Mark has a tendency to become star struck.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly. After the season, then evaluate. If Pierce brings a 7-1 or 6-2 record in, and the team is behind him, Pierce is the man.

  6. No, it would be ANOTHER mistake by Davis not to do his due diligence on selecting the next HC and GM. See what’s out there and make the best decision based on each candidate’s ability and track record. Mark needs help in making these decisions, because we know how bad his past two HC decisions have turned out. Don’t make a premature decision! We’ve seen too much of that the past 12 seasons.

  7. I think he is a lifer if you cut him with a knife his blood would be black or silver. A true Raider Like My Self!!!

    1. I agree but wood the players bleed the same colour, teach them how to tackle rt arm tackles and players that show up not guys made of glass replacement not able to fill in properly there the problem and get chucky for a gm fuc6 the rest of the canadates go raiders make Crosby the coach get rid of Adam’s over paid big time, jets want him bye bye fix the middle of the defense then go raiders 😴

  8. Elementary without question. If Mark Davis doesn’t Antonio Pirece Head Coach he has absolutely no Idea what he’s doing . Quite frankly it would be a **** shame ! That’s my honest opinion and I’ve been a Raider fan for 50 years .

  9. I’m a true raider fan pierce is a good hc but on the third down you gotta get the offense a better play but we can go to the playoffs with him he is a good HC especially without HC experience

  10. Keep AP as HC, get a new OC and QB for next year. Defense players always make the best coaches. AP brings the fire 🔥.

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