Should We Trust The Raiders Injury Report On Derek Carr?

The Raiders don’t make a habit of passing around injury information, but within 90 minutes of Derek Carr’s awkward back injury, Jack Del Rio was quick to offer an explanation.

Del Rio gave “back spasms” as the initial diagnosis of Carr’s injury and said that it “should be something that cleans up quickly.”

He also added that additional tests are forthcoming.

Given the Raiders history of withholding injury information, it’s at least curious that the team would offer such a simple, but specific, explanation for Carr’s injury – particularly with information still being limited.

“The best kind of tests are no tests at all,” NBC Sports’ Mike Florio said of Carr’s injury on Sunday evening. “I don’t know what they’re looking for, but we have to keep our eyes on whether or not Derek Carr has some sort of a problem that may cause the team problems going forward.”

That said, the doctors’ initial assessment will hopefully prove to be accurate – assuming, of course, that assessment lines up with what Del Rio communicated to reporters after the game.

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