Word Circulating That Raiders Would Like to Trade Down in Draft’s First Round

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but according to Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer, the Raiders are hoping for an opportunity to trade back with one of their first-round picks.

“In the backdrop of all of this is word that’s circulated that the Raiders would like to trade down with one of those picks and maybe get a second-rounder, since they don’t have one right now,” Breer wrote on Wednesday. “The draft value chart shows that the Raiders could, on paper, ask for a late two or early three in return for moving down a dozen or so spots. The question then, of course, would be what someone else would be coming up to No. 19 for.”

The most likely trade target for a team moving up to pick 19 would likely be a quarterback. Whether it’s Tua Tagovailoa or Jordan Love, there is a chance a top quarterback could still be on the board at pick 19. The Patriots and Colts are both teams that could be aggressive in moving up for a quarterback.

If the Raiders do find a way to trade back from pick 19, there should be real options at wide receiver and defensive back (both CB and S) waiting at the end of the first round and beginning of the second round.

That being said, pick 12 figures to be much more tradable than pick 19.

Will the Raiders be willing to pass on a top WR or CB at pick 12?

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29 thoughts on “Word Circulating That Raiders Would Like to Trade Down in Draft’s First Round

  1. What the f*ck you been smooookin’!??? GTFOH trade back…my a$$ foolio’s. Outty!~~>>

  2. Keep the 12th pick you have to take a wideout we need that trade the 19th for a late 1st n middle 2nd

  3. I hope they trade back with both picks because there are many times later 1st round picks and 2nd round out perform high end 1st round picks. Also, NFL is tough and injuries happen to stud early first round picks. Dont put your eggs all in one basket said my mom..lol. Thank you

  4. I don’t think the raiders trade back with number 12. Number 19 makes more sense, nyone in need of a wr or qb could move up you have the possibility of Justin Jefferson still being available and Tua could fall to that spot due to his injury history.

  5. They need to trade up not down. Odukah and a WR in 1st round. Give up 3rd rounder and a 2021 pick or two for the move up from 19 to top 3 or 4 and still pick at 12 for wideout.
    ………And then, when they become ***-kickers, pay them in 4 years instead of letting them walk. The team needs a couple of new Browns………as in Tim and Willie!!!

    1. Bruh, do you understand how much it would take to move up to “top 3 or 4”? It would take both of our first rounders, PLUS a couple of our 3’s, and even that wouldn’t be enough if we’re being realistic

  6. Im thinking they keep 12 draft a receiver trade 19 for a 13 nd draft a corner

    1. It’s the smart move. He’s the only quarterback to get his leg broken in the pocket and then refuse to extend plays by getting out of the pocket. If he broke it scrambling id understand wanting to run!

  7. They should just stay with what they got there not going to do any better doing a bunch of trading around, they’ll get just as good or better picks with what they have (Gee wilibers)

  8. Trade 2 3rd rounders for a 2nd rounder and pick the best wide reciever at 12, the best corner as at 19 and get a linebacker in the second round and the 3rd round, best available

  9. Omg do not trade 12th do not trade 19 do not trade. On the pics we need a wide receiver we need quality defense at corner or safety **** you ain’t going to get that in the second round

  10. Mayock showed he’s pretty good selecting playerd.Trade the 12 f pi r a 2nd round. Pick 19. Take a corner A.J. Terrel with other 1st round grab receiver. And yo got a 2nd round pick for another receiver.

  11. I say keep the 12th pick and draft Lamb or Ruggs ll and if you can’t trade the 19th pick them you take either LSU LB QUEEN or OU LB MURRAY or LSU CB FULTON

  12. We need a deep threat get a Wideout. Then trade back if that works but we need help in a lot of places Go Raiders

  13. What makes the most sense is for them to trade the #19 pick for a late 1st rounder and pick up a 2nd round pick..

  14. The Raiders need to cee wise and kerp both 1st round piccs just take your time and picc two really good game changer player’s we Can Do It Let’s go RAIDERS NATION

  15. Take WR at 12. Trade back from 19 to late first round and acquire a 2nd Rd pick. Take a corner with move back pick and take Jalen Hurts in round 2.

  16. I say this is a golden opportunity at a #1receiver, a receiver Derek Carr desperate needs that’s the 12 pick,now as for the 19pick if we can get a late 1st and a early 2nd I think that will work 2 for 1 players and there still good players at those to picks GET THAT #1 RECEIVER AT 12 ,GO RAIDERS OF LAS VEGAS

    1. Yeah that’s y u write this kinda stuff, because if u were n mayock spot u wouldn’t be there for long, easy to say what they should do, I got and idea buy an NFL team and see how great you do big brain…smh

  17. I would like to see them use that 12th pick on one of them top 3 W.R. trade back from the 19th pick to pick up a 2nd round pick. Use that late first round pick on a C.B or L.B. Then with the 2nd round pick pick up a top quarterback that may have fallen into the 2nd round to groom for a year. Or best available player. GO RAIDERS !!!!!!

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