Some Of Jon Gruden’s Greatest Outbursts Forever Preserved By NFL Films

NFL referees probably aren’t as enthusiastic about Jon Gruden’s return as the rest of us – and for good reason.

Officials took heavy abuse from Gruden for a full decade and while some have retired since his last coaching stint, Gruden’s legendary presence on the sideline still haunts the memories of one former league official.

Mike Pereira, now a rules analyst for FOX Sports, wasn’t ready to make amends with Gruden even when Gruden was in the broadcast booth.

“I am not a fan of Gruden’s,” Pereira said back in 2011. “Not today, not yesterday, not when I worked for the NFL and not when I was working on the field as a side judge. He was a loudmouth as a coach who constantly disrespected officials and he is a blowhard in the broadcast booth who spouts off when he doesn’t know what he is talking about.”

Such a charming guy Gruden is, why the strong words, Mike?

Fortunately for Pereira and his fellow alumni, a handful of Gruden’s greatest outbursts over the years have been recorded by NFL Films and they are just as entertaining as they are degrading of officials (which is fully endorsed around here).

If volume isn’t an option, the quotes below are some of the best, but these only include the outbursts directed at officials. The old ball coach is just as entertaining talking to his players (so check out the full 20-minute video)…

“If I get out of hand, just tell me I’m a jerk and shut up.”

“Are you out of your mind? Are you out of your skull?”

“How the hell do you call that? Well call it on Tom Brady, will ya? Call it on those guys. I’ve never f—— seen that in my life.”

“Do you guys know the rules? This is a waste of f—— time. This is a waste of time being a coach being at your mercy.”

“I tell you, why do we even have officials? They just f—— up the game.”

“That is holding! Holding! Take ’em back. I like this ref. I’ve always liked this guy.”

“If you’re nice to these guys, that doesn’t work either. You might as well be an a–hole. Which is exactly what I am.”

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