Sounds Like Richie Incognito Won’t Be Back From Injury For at Least Another Month

Raiders’ interim head coach Rick Bisaccia offered an update on Richie Incognito’s lower leg injury and the news doesn’t sound any better than what the team was saying a few weeks ago.

“We think Trayvon [Mullen’s] a little bit closer than Richie,” Bisaccia told members of the media on Wednesday.

“We’re hoping that we can get him hopefully to practice maybe the Dallas week, and play the next week. You know we have that short week in there for Thanksgiving, but he’s been doing much better day by day in here.”

If Mullen is farther along than Incognito and Mullen is projected to return the week after the Cowboys’ game, that means December 12 is presumably the best-case scenario for Incognito to return.

December 12 would be week 14 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Hopefully Incognito can return at some point, but the longer his leg injury drags out, the more it seems to be following the pattern of his leg injury a year ago. Incognito never returned from last year’s injury and it’s hard to have confidence that he’ll return from this one, either.

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8 thoughts on “Sounds Like Richie Incognito Won’t Be Back From Injury For at Least Another Month

  1. The truth to the matter is.Richie does’nt want to play as long as Derek Carr is raiders starting qb

        1. Who’s the dumbass who said that!!
          Everyone always hating on carr, carr had one bad game and he’s ****!!
          Look at Mahomes, supposed to be a super star. Football is a team sport, everyone has to do their job to win!!

  2. This guy has not played in two years why are keeping him around another John Gruden mishap time for him to go.

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