Still Searching For Wide Receivers, Raiders Added a 4.27 Speedster on Wednesday

In the wake of losing Henry Ruggs to charges that could amount to more than 50 years in jail, the Raiders were quick to add veteran speedster DeSean Jackson.

The team also tried out four free agent wide receivers this week, including 27 year-old Jeff Badet. The Raiders announced on Wednesday that Badet has since been added to the practice squad.

Badet went undrafted in 2018 and has yet to record a reception in the NFL. What intrigues the Raiders about Badet is presumably his speed. At Oklahoma’s 2018 pro day, Badet ran a 4.27 40-yard dash, which is the same time that Ruggs posted at the 2020 NFL Combine. Pro day times are almost always faster than the electronic times taken at the combine, but Badet certainly has respectable NFL speed.

In their first game without Ruggs, the Raiders didn’t make the big plays downfield that have become the trademark of the offense. A 24-yard catch and run from tight end Darren Waller was the team’s longest play against the Giants on Sunday.

The Raiders will now look to Jackson to be their deep threat, but he turns 35 next month and is only a short-term solution for the loss of Ruggs.

Nevertheless, Jackson is a veteran receiver and is a more polished route-runner than Ruggs – particularly on short and intermediate routes. It’s possible that Jackson will add a dimension to the Raiders’ offense that Ruggs didn’t necessarily offer at this early stage in his career.

Whatever it is that Jackson brings, it needs to happen fast. The Raiders host the Chiefs on Sunday night and the AFC West division lead is on the line.

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    1. This shows that the Raiders are a poorly-run organization whose faults must be traced all the way to the top for hiring Jon Gruden employing Thugs and murderers all for a chance to win football games any fan of the Raiders should be implored to drop their fandom in light of the bigotry and selfishness and ignorance and arrogance of their owner how about you try to reach out

      1. You’re just another Raiders hater that couldn’t hold Jim Plunketts jock strap…Dont get the NATION started…

        1. You are absolutely correct I am a Raider hater I have been since I was old enough to watch football they are a dirty unscrupulous immoral pathetic group of humans unlimited wealth there should be an investigation into the owner and have his team taken away from him there’s no other team in the league that is more corrupt than the Raiders

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