Sounds Like the Von Miller Trade Might Have Cost the Raiders a Chance at Fletcher Cox

Leave it to the Broncos to screw up a trade for the Raiders.

Actually, the Rams might be more to blame.

It has been well-documented that the Raiders were trying to trade the Eagles for defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, but it sounds like the reason the trade fell through was because his price jumped up after the Von Miller trade.

Via ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Philadelphia’s 97.5 The Fanatic:

Fletcher Cox was receiving interest around the league, there were teams calling about Fletcher Cox. And I think the team that really had an interest in him was the Las Vegas Raiders. I think what happened is, when Von Miller got traded on Monday for a [2nd-round pick] and a [3rd-round pick], I think that emboldened the Eagles to ask for even more. ‘Hey, if Von Miller is worth a two and a three, even though the Broncos paid the majority of his salary, Fletcher Cox has got to be worth something similar.’ Right? And I think the Von Miller deal perhaps impacted any potential Fletcher Cox deal, to the point where it didn’t get done.”

Other than an impressive 5-2 record, the Raiders sure can’t seem to catch a break this year. They could have really used some help on the interior of their defensive line.

Oh, well.

Just keep winning, baby!

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7 thoughts on “Sounds Like the Von Miller Trade Might Have Cost the Raiders a Chance at Fletcher Cox

  1. Thank God, Dude doesnt have enough left in the tank to pick up a big contract and give away pics.

  2. A whole lotta I thinks in this article. Comes out more like I don’t know, just guessing. Glad we didn’t take on that horrible contract anyway. Thanks Donkeys.

  3. Eagles were stupid and greedy. Hope the Cox contract is an anchor around their neck for the next 3 years. Philly deserves this kick in their balls.

  4. This article is just making guesses. It was more based on the fact the Eagles didn’t want to get buried further in dead money. Raiders were foolish anyways for not taking a trade that coulda benefited them but what’s done is done.

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