The Cost to Acquire Justin Fields Appears to be Dropping

The Raiders are looking for a quarterback and even though Justin Fields might not be a perfect fit, it was reported as recently as last week that the Raiders are one of three teams thought to be interested in trading for him.

There have been a variety of reports on the cost to trade for Fields, but according to Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter, the price appears to be dropping.

Via the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast, Hondo said the cost to get Fields will get cheaper as free agency gets closer…

“People pretty much know if they want Justin [Fields], it’s going to cost you probably, and the longer it goes the, price with drop… but it’s probably going to cost you a second-round pick.”

As for Raiders, Hondo says Tom Telesco and company haven’t made any major decisions on the quarterback position…

“I can tell you this definitively, and it’s early Sunday morning, but I can tell you that there has been no decision made by the Raiders yet on what they are going to do [at quarterback]. They’re certainly going to be looking at a bunch of different avenues… but no decision has been made.”

The Raiders are in a complicated position entering free agency because it’s not possible to know which quarterbacks will be on the board at pick 13 in the draft.

The last thing they will want to do is spend a second-round pick on Fields, only to turn around and spend another high pick on a rookie quarterback.

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7 thoughts on “The Cost to Acquire Justin Fields Appears to be Dropping

  1. I sure hope the Raiders look real close at the stats of Justin fields, I do not believe he lives up to what the Raiders need or are looking for.. in 2023 his running ability has been sub par, he has the worst stats for the 4th quarter of any QB in the nfl, yes including DC. Plus with all the additions thr Bears added to the OLine along with the receivers they added, he did not throw any multiple TDS since week 5…..please move on from JF,

  2. I will solve the problem for the raiders. I would make a trade for either the first or second pick. After that is finalized, I call the Jets and get their number 1 this year and next for Davante Adams. Let’s be real for a secord, he is on the wrong side of 30, also Ruggs should be getting out of prison next year. I believe we can pick up a WR in free agency who will cost less.

    1. No thank you… Fields is not the answer! Build through the draft, trade Adams to the Jets for this year an next years #1’s

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