The Players Voted WHO Ahead Of Derek Carr On The NFL’s Top 100 List?

It’s that time of year where NFL Network releases its ‘Top 100 Players’ as voted on by the players.

It’s generally a reasonable list (albeit insignificant), but naturally there will always be problems and this year’s problem right now involves Derek Carr.

Carr didn’t have a great 2017 season and came in at no. 60 on the list, it was announced on Monday.

But ahead of Carr, according to the survey, was career journeyman quarterback Case Keenum.


His own team didn’t even think that much of Keenum. After his fine season in Minnesota, the Vikings wound up dumping Keenum for Kirk Cousins.

His 2017 season was a nice story, but should Keenum be ranked ahead of Carr?

The good news is Carr and Keenum will get to lock horns twice this year as they battle for supremacy in the AFC West.

For what it’s worth, ahead of Carr on the list was also Leonard Fournette – a rookie running back who averaged 3.9 yards per carry in 2017.

More silliness.

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