Tom Cable Reportedly Lobbying To Keep Marshawn Lynch In Oakland

No one seems to know where the decision on Marshawn Lynch is headed, but it sounds like Lynch has at least one coach lobbying to keep him on the Raiders.

“I’m hearing Tom Cable is really trying to keep Marshawn Lynch here,” Raiders voice Greg Papa said Thursday on his 95.7 The Game program.

NFL Network’s Mike Silver believes the addition of Cable at least raises the odds of Lynch coming back.

“That’s a big plus. Those two are very close and I know Marshawn credits Tom with a lot of the success that they had [in Seattle] with the running game.”

At this point, it sounds like the Raiders and ‘Beast Mode’ are both on the fence about next season and it only complicates matters that the two sides aren’t permitted to meet until April 9.

Answers should be coming soon.

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7 thoughts on “Tom Cable Reportedly Lobbying To Keep Marshawn Lynch In Oakland

  1. Well, because we have very little money to spend in free agency and we all know McKenzie is WAY too conservative to swing a trade, we pretty much have to just roll with Lynch now.

  2. Why do you guys continue to beat this DEAD horse? Grudens not letting Lynch go anywhere!

  3. Rather have doug martin..younger…stronger…cheaper..and he understands the English language without cussing…

    1. Who gives a f**k about the English language! Has nothing to do with him playing ball! If yo7 don’t wanna hear cussing, take yo *** to Canada or some isolated island somewhere!

    2. Doug Martin STRONGER than BEAST MODE???? Uh….OK……So what’s your drug of choice sir? Yup definitely a Trump supporter.

  4. Keep lynch. .. trade Washington and richard, draft Michel and give Hood a shot… cut cb Smith… trumaine Johnson will fill his shoes and then some.. draft Edmunds/Smith/Vea resign bowman and autry and carrie.. release king crab

  5. Doug Martin ? Hell no ! Dude averaged less than three yards per carry, Beast Mode is better and is only three years older. Downing and Del Rio didn’t use Beast the right way until it was too late into the season.

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