Travis Kelce Says the Chiefs Gifted the Raiders an “Embarrassing” Win on Christmas Day

The Chiefs lost 20-14 to the Raiders on Monday, and according to their star tight end, the credit for the Raiders win belongs to… the Chiefs.

Appearing this week on his brother’s podcast, Travis Kelce took time away from selling vaccines and auto insurance to talk about the Chiefs’ Christmas collapse.

“We handed that team a win on Christmas. We literally played Santa and gave them a present,” Kelce said on the New Heights podcast. “All I’ve got for you is… That was embarrassing. Everybody in the building knows how embarrassing that was. And we got a short week so we’re going to forget about this s— real quick.”

The Raiders win might have surprised the Chiefs and a few others, but they didn’t surprise the CBS broadcast crew that was covering the game.

“I can’t begin to you tell you,” Jim Nantz said at the close of the CBS broadcast. “We were on a Zoom with [Antonio Pierce] yesterday. We all got off the Zoom call and every one of us said ‘you know what… they have a chance to win this game.’ I’ve never seen a guy that delivered such a powerful message.”

As for Kelce, he might want to take a break from doing too many things at once and focus on football again. His numbers are down, and he is starting to move like the insurance salesman that he has become. He had a key drop against the Raiders and is averaging 7.2 yards per reception over the last two weeks.

The Chiefs are now 3-5 in their last 8 games and could potentially “gift” the Raiders the division if they lose their final two games of the regular season.

If they win out, the Raiders have a 68 percent chance of making the playoffs, according to a New York Times playoff calculator.

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8 thoughts on “Travis Kelce Says the Chiefs Gifted the Raiders an “Embarrassing” Win on Christmas Day

  1. Kelce needs to shut up these chief are always whining they will go down early in the playoffs

  2. You know what. I am sick to death of everyone other than the Raiders and Raiders fans proclaiming that loss was the queefs fault. First its mahomes crying that its his fault. Then its the coach saying they are not executing. Then its smug-a$$ kelce saying they gifted the Raiders a win. Why cant you a$$holes just man up and admit you got your smug a$$es handed to you? That we beat you on your home turf fair & square? Really…all this cry baby bull$hit by all you kc queefs reeks of a bunch of toddlers sucking their mommas teets.

  3. Hey Trav,

    The reason you gifted the win is because the Raiders D was kicking your as*es and pressuring the hell out of you all day.

    They Raiders apologize for ruining Taylor’s day.

  4. Travis,

    You didn’t give the Raiders a present, they took it from you with extreme defensive pressure and harassment all day.

    The Raiders apologize for ruining your and Taylor’s Christmas 🎄

  5. Kelce can cry all he wants, they took the L and we were blessed to not see Taylor Swift on the screen after the 2nd quarter, it was glorious.

  6. He went and the rest of the team went Hollywood and forgot how to play championship football.

  7. Travis Kelce is a tool! Raiders kicked their you know what and Taylor’s just using him for publicity!

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