Predicting the Raiders Next GM, Head Coach and Quarterback

By the end of the month the Raiders will (presumably) have a GM and head coach that will be working hard to identify the team’s next franchise quarterback.

It’s a guessing game and the Raiders are never predictable, but for the sake of entertainment let’s make a prediction on the identity of team’s next GM, head coach, and quarterback.

Feel free to discuss the picks in the comment section below…

General Manager

Champ Kelly already knows the roster and Mark Davis seems to like him. That should give Kelly a leg up on the competition even if the next head coach isn’t Antonio Pierce.

Kelly is respected around the league and the Carolina Panthers are said to be interested in him, as well.

Kelly will be a GM in the league sooner than later and he should bring more value to the Raiders than any other team in the league.

When the dust settles, Kelly will be the guy.

Mike Garafolo on Twitter: “The #Panthers have requested to interview #Raiders GM Champ Kelly for their vacant GM job, source says. So while Kelly is in the mix in Vegas, another team has shown interest. / Twitter”

The #Panthers have requested to interview #Raiders GM Champ Kelly for their vacant GM job, source says. So while Kelly is in the mix in Vegas, another team has shown interest.

Head Coach

Good luck making sense of all the reports around this hire.

Davis reportedly wants to take a big swing at a high profile head coach, but this time he’s in luck because his interim head coach in the building has reached rock star status since taking over the team.

Jim Harbaugh might have a better coaching resume than Antonio Pierce, but a better resume doesn’t always translate to a better hire.

Davis followed the advice of his outside advisors when he hired Josh McDaniels, and that decision turned out to be arguably his worst move as an NFL owner. Davis listened to his players when he fired Josh McDaniels, and it only makes sense that he will listen to them again.

This time around, Davis is going to resist the urge to hire from outside of the building and stick with the head coach that the players and the fans are begging him to keep.

Keep A.P.!


The cost to trade up in the draft is going to be too expensive, so the Raiders will look in another direction for their franchise quarterback.

This isn’t going to be a popular decision, but Raider fans love to disagree on a quarterback, so they will be happy to argue about Justin Fields in a few months.

The Bears’ locker room wants to keep Fields, but this time the Raiders are going to benefit from a team not listening to the players. The Bears will send Fields to the Raiders in exchange for 3rd and 6th round picks.

Fields will have an offense built around him in Las Vegas and will enjoy throwing to one of the league’s best wide receivers in Davante Adams. The fan base will enjoy watching a versatile quarterback lead the Raiders to the playoffs in 2024.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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37 thoughts on “Predicting the Raiders Next GM, Head Coach and Quarterback

  1. Not really sold on Fields he shows improvement one game then he shows regressions. He would be exciting but DCs will always stay a step ahead of him until he learns to read defenses better.

    1. Thats because Chicago is not a very good team and really has no playmakers. I seen other QB’S flourish in other systems under coaches who believe in them and that’s what AP is a believer in his men.

  2. Here is what’s funny… So many of the “Nation” wants Mark to be like his Father. If he were to Magically begin to channel Al Davis there would be No Possible Way that AP would get the Job! What, you say? You say the Pierce has reached Rock Star Status which is Exactly why Mr. Davis senior would dismiss the possibility of hiring him permanently as the Head Man. Al never liked any single Raider who became the focus of the team… AL was the Focus… Period. That is why Marcus Allen, Jon Gruden and others were dismissed from the Organization. They had become Bigger than the Raiders in Mr. Davis’ opinion and that was not a permissible outcome. So if you pine for AP be happy that Mark is Not his Father…

    1. I like 2 of your 3 predictions. I don’t understand this love affair with Justin Fields. Is he a great athlete? Yes. Is a good QB? No. To me he’s no different than RG3 or Terrell Pryor. Great athlete playing QB who relies way too much on his athletic ability. Hasn’t learn how to manipulate or read a defense and not the most accurate passer. I’d rather just draft a rookie and develop him. AP is only a Rock Star within the fan base. He’s not a rock star nationally like Gruden was trying to be.

    2. Spot On Madro ….A flaw that did in AL many times and cost him at least one Super Bowl trophy… his ultimate goal. Well not his real ultimate goal, whether it was realized by him or not.

    3. I somewhat disagree. I see Pierce as more of a John Madden type hire, former Linebacker’s Coach for 2 years then promoted within. I’m sure Al was fine with him..we all know how well that worked out for the Silver & Black.

  3. Everything sounds good except the qb. Fields has no pocket precense whatsoever keep the draft picks and draft Jj Mcarthy from Michigan and let him and O’Connell compete for the job. Mvarhty has a strong accurate arm , throws really well on the run and he can and will run fir first down/tds. He will be a top qb in the NFL.

  4. You do realize that are underlying issues in Philadelphia? What if we propose a trade for Jalen Hurst? It looks like it’s about to explode in Philadelphia…! This would be a perfect spot for a seasoned GM to look into this…
    As far in coach AP has the locker room just as Tomlin took control of his locker room via the Steelers….
    All he really needs is a top tier coordinator a few free agents that believe in the system the raiders are building…. using a reference via NBA igigua… Going to the warriors

  5. Ive been a raiders fan since 1983. My high school sumner high in st.louis mo. Won state championship. So did. My RAIDER’S WON SUPER BOWL 1983 #75 Howie. Long my favorite player…Hire. A.P. 1 he played the game 2 he won a super bowl. 3. He was better than that trash cheater josh mcdaniels… Fyi. Look what AL DAVIS DID.. HE HIRED. ART SHELL. AS COACH ART WON SUPER BOWL AND PLAYED THE GAME….MY CASED CLOSED. IF MARK DAVIS DONT HIRE A.P. RAIDERS NATION GONE HAVE PROBLEMS.. SILVER N BLACK. JUST WIN BABY.. ST.LOUIS RAIDERS FAM

  6. Im sold on AP leading the Raiders. What im not sold on is Fields. Go get Cousins and havd him mentor Aiden. Ir you could get a qb in round 2

  7. Pretty much what most have envisioned except you’re always going to have a fight as you implied for QB and Fields. What I like about him besides his upside and experience is the cost. By trading for him we still retain out top picks so can build our lines. I’d really love for us to get a stud D-lineman to put more pressure on these stud QB’s we have to face every year. And solidifying the O-line with another stud would give him more time and open more holes for our runners. I know we need DB and LB but get what we can in the draft and FA the best we can out there.

  8. Keep Antonio Pierce, Champ Kelly and Aidan O Connell!!!
    Let’s move forward!!!

    One Nation!!!

  9. At what cost is it too expensive to move up. You want to play you gotta pay. Case example Texans- bottom of the barrel team last year. Ponied up and got CJ Stroud. They are playing tomorrow! Go get a Jaydon Daniels and get a good back up thats not a crippled humpty dumpty. Tyrod Taylor, AOC4, and Daniels. That’s my recipe. CB&AP!!!!

  10. An old wise friend of mine once said if you have something going that works leave it alone. A. P., Champ Kelly, and O’ Connell has something going. Mr. Davis you might miss out on a great quarterback. Been a Raider over 40 years.

  11. Cowboys gave the 49ers a 4th round pick for Trey Lance. I would call jerrah and offer a 3rd round pick. He may take the bait. This would give us a dual threat qb to compete with AOC4.

  12. I don’t mind champ Kelly getting the GM job. But I’d rather have a proven HC than AP at this moment. I just feel like a proven HC will get us father quicker right now

  13. That was boring, after reading the first two predictions I was thinking “this dumbass is going to predict O’Connell”😉. Honestly though as long as these guys hire new people on offense (besides EB) and make some kind of attempt to get a new QB, these hires would make me happy enough. MD’s way hasn’t worked yet so maybe he tries something different. Or better yet let Champ choose the next HC, that would be awesome!

  14. Say NO to Fields, keep the draft capital & draft Jayden Daniels or Michael Penix Jr. Either of those guys are just as athletic as Fields & have better arms, look at the college #’s. What we need is a good OC & QB coach who can help develop our QB room, AOC included. Move on from Jimmy G. or get him to reduce his salary cap #, that way we have 1 veteran QB & 2 viable young (cheaper) options for competition.

    1. Daniels and Penix probably won’t be there when we draft. Penix has had both knees rebuilt already and that’s my biggest issue with him, love his arm! Bo Nix should be available if we choose to go that way. I’m hoping we pick up a stud defensive tackle at #1 and Offensive lineman at #2.

  15. It’s actually funny, that everyone is counting out AOC who is going to be the Franchise Guy after this off season program. If they bring in fields he will get beat out by AOC. Champ and AP know this so they won’t trade for that salary. They will bring in some vets to compete. But the offense will be set up for AOC !!!!

  16. If I look at the statistics of O’Connell and Fields they are very similar… but one has been in the NFL for 3 years and the other for 3 months…
    Therefore I keep the lamppost with the mustache if the choice is these two, especially if I also have to give up choices to have the other one!

  17. If they keep AP and Kelly I like drafting Penix and signing Russ for a year or two . If the jets/Rodgers want to trade us their number one pick and a good defender for Devante I say do it. Then you could draft the best WR left on the board after Harrison Jr at 10 or 13. AOC sticks around unless he wants out.

    If it’s Harbaugh then it’s probably McCarthy with their first pick …not crazy about that idea.

    No Fields
    No Carr
    No Gruden
    All three too frustrating to get another shot with the RAA-DERS

  18. Been following the Raiders since Oakland days, here in Ireland. We need to forget about the “shiney toys” and stick with what’s working. AP is Raider Nation through and through, I think he can get us back to what we were, a team nobody wanted to play. Considering he was dropped in at the deep end this year, he’s done a fantastic job and deserves his chance.
    CK seems to be a steady intelligent guy and I think he’d be a safe pair of hands as GM. I also think AOC has come on very well consìdering that he was seen as no.3 QB this year. Unless we can get an A1 upgrade on the cheap I’d stick with him for 2024. Can’t see Fields or Wilson giving us a lot more when you consider the salary they’ll look for and the draft capital it’d take.
    I think we have fantastic young hungry players and seasoned vets on both sides of the ball. Use the draft to strengthen the OL around O’Connell, bolster the DL with an upcoming CB any use the salary cap space in free agency to plug some gaps and we’re a 10/11 win team easily.
    Raider Nation forever.

  19. Raiders have their franchise quarterback which is O’Connell. He has the poise, leadership and passing accuracy of KEN STABLER. The throwing arm strength of DARYL LAMONICA.
    O’CONNELLS arm strength has been shown when he delivers a perfect pass to Dante Adam’s and the ball goes threw his hands. Adam’s will adjust to the O’Connells arm strength. Let’s not forget the passing quick release of a Dan Morino. O’Connells problem is the offensive line which is not good at pass protection but the team is getting better at pass protection.
    OConnell has been criticized for not being mobile. Who cares with all his more important strengths. Raiders have never had a mobile quarterback. Lamonica Stabler, and Plunket etc were only pocket quarterbacks. How about the best quarterback of all time ,Tom Brady ,who had no monility and only a pocket quarterback. Brady and the others profited from a great offensive line which the Raiders need to pursue. Jimmy Goporollo signing for all those millions was DUMB on part of McDaniels. J. Goporollo is not the player he used to be and always injured. Mark Davis should have never gone along with that bad choice. Let’s not blow it again with Fields of the Bears. Build your offense around the fan and player favorite, O’Connell.

  20. No no no on fields. He’s an average qb at best and we currently have 2 of those already on the roster. Why waste the draft picks on another loser?

  21. They keep AP or go get John.H . let them decide who they are going bring in a ok Keep the there qb he has good if he get the right personnel around but i go get Kirk C. from Minnesota V or go get Justin F. ….Its times to do thing Keep the GM or get Dobb from the I .COLT ….time to push .Kenneth Gobble

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