It Might Be Early to Guess, But Here’s Why Davante Adams Will Probably End Up with the Jets After the Season

There will be a lot of storylines around the Raiders after the season, and one of the biggest (once the owner chooses a GM and a head coach) is going to be the status of Davante Adams.

It’s probably safe to assume that Adams does not want to be a part of another rebuild, but we also know that he lives in Las Vegas and wants to compete for a Super Bowl with the Raiders.

“I believe that with Davante, as long as the Raiders don’t do something stupid, he wants to be here,” Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter said on the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast this week.

What we don’t know, though, is what Adams would consider “something stupid.”

An ESPN report last week read a little like a warning to the Raiders, and it could be that any overhaul of the coaching staff and/or front office would be “something stupid” in the eyes of the Raiders star wide receiver.

But the most important factor in Adams’ future might be his old friend Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets.

There is a dynamic building in New York that isn’t like any situation in the league. For practical purposes, Rodgers has essentially become the GM in New York, and that could lead to a trade offer for Adams that the Raiders won’t be able to resist.

“Rodgers, who turns 40 on Saturday, might wield more power than any other player in the NFL,” The Athletic’s Zack Rosenblatt reported this week.

“Rodgers has the power to ensure their job security,” Rosenblatt continued. “If he says that he’ll return only if this coaching staff remains intact, then it will be locked in and safe. Johnson values Rodgers’ opinion and it would be surprising if he didn’t seek it out. He also has the power to demand coaching change, though nobody expects that to happen at this juncture, especially if Hackett remains the primary play-caller.”

Rodgers isn’t going to be thinking about the long-term consequences of a trade for Adams, and that might create the perfect opportunity for the Raiders to get more from the Jets than any reasonable team would consider.

The consensus seems to be that Adams’ trade value is most likely a first-round pick, but with Rodgers calling the shots, could the Raiders get a top-10 pick and an impact player on defense?

It’s definitely possible. It might even be likely.

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14 thoughts on “It Might Be Early to Guess, But Here’s Why Davante Adams Will Probably End Up with the Jets After the Season

  1. Davante, please don’t leave if you can work with the OC, C, GM, and Davis to get you the best possible qb. You have 3 or 4 other excellent receivers that can take some pressure off of you. Bo should want to work with you to devise the best possible routes. I like AO very much and hope that he can learn fast enough to become our qb. He has thrown some fantastic passes, darts and drop in. He just needs time. Also, Bo needs to devise plays that minimize AO getting sacked. AO can do only so much.
    Thanks, Gary

  2. Good riddance,guy’s a Diva.
    Raiders need hard nosed Team First Mentality types ,not whiners like him.

  3. NO PLAYER should influence the outcome of the HC and GM selections. If Adams doesn’t like the new HC he should be traded. Besides, he’ll be past his prime, if and when, the team is competitive, again.

  4. The Raiders need to focus on getting it right finally in terms of coaching and talent evaluation, if Adams wants out there are a number of teams that would want him and the Raiders need to get max value in return. The Raiders are more than one receiver away from truly contending with the top teams in the NFL.

  5. What a silly article. The Jets have nothing to give, there’s no apparent insight and it’s all just conjecture. Might as well put out your thoughts on Tom Brady coaching the Raiders, Charles Woodson as GM and Tim Brown as CEO. Wait, that sounds kinda good.

  6. After all the players we lost sense the last two HC can’t count on Mark and we need players across the board, so if he goes he goes don’t have a quarterback or running back.

  7. Click bait. Get a real story, tired of this bs stuff about Devante. You report nothing original, all reharsh new by someone else.

    1. I say trade him ….the raiders are in rebuild mode…Adams is already 31 he’s having a problem getting open showing signs of slowing down …raiders are a couple years away from playoff mode….get what you can get for Adams and move on ..jocbi Meyers is better than Adams…speed kills …that’s why adams cant get open on good corners …plus we need to draft better…**** im tired of first round busts…we should have taken jalen carter in the first round instead tyre Wilson….we miss a push up the middle…I’ve said enough….raider fan since 1967….raider for life

      1. Your take is worse than this article. Myers isn’t a better WR than Davante. Myers benefits from the attention Davante gets. Also it’s a 40million dollar dead cap hit if we trade him

  8. If we do trade DA i want there first round pick and a Jc Mosley or Quinnen Williams and later round pick

  9. Justin Fields, if the Bears decide to draft a quarterback. He’s a former number 11 pick, mobile, three years experience, and he has a year left on his rookie salary …. Just needs weapons and the right team. Just Win Baby!

  10. Just play football quit with the soap opera bullshit Jon ruden was the man obviously he got scammed out by phony dirty amateur idiots hey devante you didnt do anything spectacular in green bay I don’t recall super bowl you in put on your big boy pants shut the hell up and play football

  11. I have to agree with the person who said this was a BS article. What factual basis do you have to talk about what the next man wants when he hasn’t even said anything about it yet. And as far as the Jets go… Obviously Rodgers and DA would help, but they are not that close to contending… especially with Miami and Buffalo to deal with.

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