Los Angeles TV Station Will Bump The Chargers To Show The Raiders On Sunday

The Chargers just can’t seem to get out of their own way. Every time it looks like they’ve found rock bottom, they somehow dig a little deeper.

Fans aren’t showing up to a soccer tent to see them play? No problem, we’ll kick out our most recognizable fan out of the stadium.

That’ll teach ’em.

Fans aren’t watching on television? No worries, we’ll just show their division rivals (and major market competitor) on television.

That’ll… wait what??

Now the Chargers aren’t directly responsible for who the station decides to show on television, but how is there not some kind of agreement where this sort of thing can’t happen? We’re talking about the Raiders here – the Chargers hated division rival getting first dibs on the market the Chargers are already struggling to connect with.

It’s an embarrassment to everyone involved, and the NFL deserves as much blame as Chargers owner Dean Spanos. Neither cared that Los Angeles didn’t want the Chargers and they shipped them there anyway.

Now if only there was a way to make the people watch.

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3 thoughts on “Los Angeles TV Station Will Bump The Chargers To Show The Raiders On Sunday

  1. Raiders own LA, no Rams or chargers can Change That, Raiders would sell out every game here more revenue.

    Great fan base, they can almost go anywhere and they will thrive once the locals except them there, and they will succeed.

  2. Well. Maybe Raiders related on what could happen in Vegas. Those new policies get along with “family friendly” bs from there.

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