Only Way Raiders Will Move on From Derek Carr is if They Can “Get Someone Better”

One of the hot topics around the Raiders right now is the future of quarterback Derek Carr.

Carr owns just about every career mark in the Raiders’ record book, but winning seasons have been hard to come by in his eight years with the team.

So what’s next for Carr and the Raiders?

A report last week indicated that Raiders’ owner Mark Davis is expected to make a decision on Carr before choosing the team’s next head coach, but radio host (and Raiders’ team employee) JT The Brick offered a little different perspective on the matter.

“The only reason to move on from Derek Carr is if you get someone better,” JT said on Monday on Raider Nation Radio 920 AM.

“If you can get a better quarterback than Derek Carr you have to address it… Derek, even though he has a big contract, is under evaluation now. If the Raiders don’t feel they can upgrade the position, Derek Carr is a cornerstone to go forward with. Without him in any type of rebuild, you’re going completely backwards with an inferior quarterback and they know that.”

The problem for the Raiders is that they will hire a new head coach very soon after the season, but they won’t know which quarterbacks are available until February or even March. The new league year begins in March and no trades or free agent signings can officially happen until then.

As it has been pointed out many times, the Raiders situation moving forward is going to be complicated. With so many organizational decisions left to be made, it’s going to be a challenge for Davis to map out the full process – especially as it relates to Carr…

Unless, of course, Davis commits a new deal to Carr and the next coaching staff is tasked with mapping things out from there.

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52 thoughts on “Only Way Raiders Will Move on From Derek Carr is if They Can “Get Someone Better”

  1. You can’t just look at Derek vs who is out there better at this moment.

    Mark Davis has to decide if he wants to commit a huge sum of money on a quarterback that lights up the record books but doesn’t translate into wins.

    I am not advocating either way but at some point wins have to be compass. The next head coach will Derek’s sixth coach in eight seasons.

    1. Not saying that Carr is an elite, Top-8 QB in the league, because he isn’t, but a pretty good argument can be made that he’s in the 2nd quartile, i.e. #9 – #16. Moving on from Carr should mean that you’re making an upgrade into a QB in the 1st quartile. Word that Rodgers, Wilson, and Watson may be available, but to get either player would come at significant cost in terms of Draft capital, and Cap hit. Watson’s situation is more tenuous with his future legal battles and impending League suspension. In addition to Carr’s expiring 2022 contract, there are key players on expiring rookie contracts after the 2022 season as well (Renfrow, Crosby, Mullen, Moreau, Abram). Ngakoue, Perryman, are also on contracts that expire after the 2022 season.

      With regards to Wins, obviously the QB is the most important position on a Team, but even a HOF QB cannot overcome a bottom tier defense….case in point, look at the W-L records of 1st ballot HOF’s such as Rodgers and Brees, whenever their teams had a Defense ranked outside the Top-20: Brees 9x’s 68-76, Rodgers 5x’s 37-41-2. Additionally, Stafford 7x’s 40-71, Carr 7x’s 47-63, Ryan 5x’s 38-45, Cousins 3x’s 18-30, Rivers 3x’s 17-31.

      Bottom line: it’s a team game. If QB’s like Flacco, Ryan, Foles/Wentz, Garapollo, Goff, can lead teams to a SB, why can’t Carr, with good pieces around him?

      1. I think if you put Flacco,Ryan, Foles/Wentz, Garapollo, Goff behind the Raiders OL and give them the support of the Raiders defense, i dont believe they would do any better, Case in point, Falcons defense and OL are not as bad as the Raiders this year and Ryan is taking a beating. The Raiders OL is rated 1 shy of dead last in pass protection, and in Carrs defense, the last 8 years have not been a whole lot better. Cable is terrible and game plans on offense are almost the same every week. Plus Carr has been under 5 coaches in 8 years, and every coach has their own way of playing. Look at the teams in playoff contention, what is the length of time for coaches? how are the OL ratings? how are their defenses rated? I think Carr can be a SB QB, if he had a supporting cast. Just my opinion.

    2. Although Carr is not the only problem, the team has a crummy O-Line, mediocre CB’s, however I believe the team needs to star Mariota for last 4 games. No. 8 can get away from a harassing Defense, & sprints for yards if WR’s covered – Carr cannot, let’s check it out, No. 8 did not win a Heisman for nothing.

      1. Commonsense would tell you to start MariotaHe has a great makings of a quarter bag will you look around look in your own backyard give NO 8 a chance. Come on Mark Davis!

      2. You are exactly right this is a scrambling and running quarterback league now Mariota is the answer

    3. That Carr “lights up the record books but doesn’t but doesn’t translate into wins” only says that he’s doing his part but somebody else is not.

      1. You’re right. Raiders need to address a myriad of issues , Carr is not one of them. He is doing the best he can with what he has to work with and right now, that is not much.

  2. I’m hoping that Mark Davis hire a coach and general manager that knows how to pick quality players that will work hard and have the mentality and disapline to play Raiders football. This team doesn’t know how to play with a sense of ergency. Mentality not there. No disapline. Praying that he does.

    1. You’re exactly right need a HC/GM that can make wise decisions on players and contracts. As far as Carr, I agree, move on “IF” there’s a better option, why go backwards.

    1. I agree 110%… I’m tired of hearing that it’s all Derek Carr. It’s always nice to read that some people have actual football knowledge when spewing out their opinion’s/views of the team. Injuries have decimated the O-line and the rookies have a lot of pressure on their shoulders, O-linemen don’t just fall from the tree’s when one goes down.

  3. The only QB I would take over Carr is Bryce Young in 2023. And that’s not gonna happen unless the Raiders tank. Young will be the #1 overall pick. Just keep Carr. He’s not the problem. The Raiders have the worst OL in the league according to PFF. Alex Leatherwood and Brandon Parker are worst rated RG and RT in the league. Leatherwood scored the worst rating for a RG in PFF history. He had a 0 rating Sunday. Josh Jacobs is a premier RB but you wouldn’t know it running behind this ragtag line. He’ll probably go somewhere else with a better than average line and rush for 1500 plus yards.

    1. I completely agree with you!!! So many Raider fans are quick to point to DC and Jacobs as the reason for the Raider’s struggles. The blame has to be put squarely on the o-line ( I’m not ready to quit on Leatherwood just yet, but Parker has NO business in the NFL!!!) and our 2 candidates for the idiot of the year award, GRU and Ruggs!!! Even if the o-line gave him time, the receiver room would be completely empty minus Whahlers and Renfrow…..I don’t think theres a corner in the NFL afraid of Zay Jones and Edwards is MIA!!! Get off DC and Jacobs!!!

      1. Leatherwood was a walking penalty flag in college and he has been in the NFL as well… He was not a 1st round pick… he is practice squad material at best, yet our injuries have forced him to be a starter… and the worst part of Leatherwood is the penalty flags are always at crucial ( negates big conversions and touchdowns/ 3rd and short) moments

    2. I agree it’s our front line that needs help it’s our receiving corps that need fixing carr plays his heart out w whst we have had over 8 yrs .it’s coaching play calling and protection we need to change I stand by carr. R4l

  4. In those 8 years Carr has not been the problem, but OL, defending, decision making on the plays and bad draft. Set

  5. Better quarter. On bench. The back up. Lets play him. Last 5 games. Lets see. He was a starter. With a good arm. Fast feet. His record is not all bad. Mark davis. Needs to. Have him play. Full game no one but 5. Why not season is over. I ve watch every game for. 25 years. Ok. They. Need. A fresh start. Something new. They also need a smash mouth. Full back. And a another. Tighr end. With. A slot. Reciever.

  6. Carr is a franchise QB! Period, end of story! Perhaps Mark Davis shouldn’t have allowed Gruden and Mayock dismantle an above average offensive line this past offseason! Despite that Carr was putting up video game type numbers, but alas the oline is regressing now! There’s 4 games to go Carr will figure it out, get this team to the playoffs and Davis will hopefully realize the QB situation is not what’s wrong with this team! Oline, and RB’s should be the offseason targets for upgrade!

  7. i guess the ol made jacobs fumble sunday hes there for the money just liks his teamate leatherwood both from alabama the only alabama player to play for raiders that was great k stabler

  8. We just need a better offensive scheme… I guarantee you if they let him go and say he goes to the 49ers he’d have a career year and they go deep into the playoffs…

  9. I don’t think Carr is the issue, it’s been proven when he doesnt have a line he gets very unsure of himself and lacks confidence.
    I did t like the gruden signing. Yea moving the team to Vegas was going to make them win. It didnt happen long term in LA that’s why they moved back to Oakland because they kept losing and no attendance.
    BTW, let’s get rid of the one great part of the team, the OL. Let’s blow that up since all the other parts of the team are dominant.
    Kicking game 🤙🏻 That’s it
    When was the last time they had a nasty LB who is feared. Mack was an LB/De
    When I heard the news about them trading him I threw my golf clubs. Where are all those draft picks? Retired, playing for the pats or worse dealing with off field issues?
    If jacobs made those comments about the team as NE player he would have be on the waiver wire Last week.
    Lastly, I tell my son, it’s not the golf clubs it’s the golfer.

  10. The the raiders have a backup in Marcus Mariota that they never have even looked at their paying him starting wages give him a shot see what he can do at least the raiders can be a spoiler this year Derek Carr has great stats but so did Dan Marino and where did he go at least he went to the super bowl once

  11. The raiders aren’t that far away. Mayock has drafted fairly well he’s found players all over the draft Crosby renfrow Moreau Simpson Diablo ingold mullens jr etc he’s just terrible in 1st rd which could have been a Gruden thing. You don’t get rid of Carr on his last year if you draft one. Now you go get Watson trade carr but should be a fun off-season

    1. Gruden was responsible for the 1st/2nd round picks from everything I read, Mayock got to start drafting his picks in 3rd-6th ( which by the way are where our homeruns have come from… Crosby, Refro, Hobbs, etc)

  12. It’s always Derek Carr’s fault. I wish some of you experts will try and play quarterback for the Raiders with that offensive line. Mike Maya knew and Jon Gruden had everything to do with all those stupid picks in the draft. Now can Mark Davis hire a manager that k ow how to pick good players in the draft a d recruit good players who are good free agents. And can Mark Davis pick a good head coach that know something about getting good coaches instead of friends. Let start with those two positions first before players are let go. So all you Sunday sofa coaches think before you talk. Remember, it starts at the top!

  13. Yeah, well it is time to get another QB. If D. Carr wants to be a lifetime Raider, then he should take a pay cut and be a backup quarterback. That may be the best way to use D.Carr. To
    mentor a new acquisition.

  14. Carr always catches the blame. Never the guys on the other side of the ball, namely DBs, who gave up 48 points and the OL that can’t run block or keep defenders out. Then Carr has time to complete throws and receivers have time to run deeper routes. If they get rid of Carr they lose the team leader and the level head in the locker room.

  15. Anyone who is capable of thinking logically will understand that DC4 is NOT the problem. He has all the talents you need in a QB1 but he does need good talent around him to thrive. Our OL is a clusterfuk, our WR core is barren and our defense has given up. If you don’t have a solid OL and defense then you’re not going to win games, period.

    The Raiders have wasted DCs career. Just like how Detroit wasted Staffords career. The only difference is DCs loyalty to the Raiders; he doesn’t want to play for any other team (which is a shake, because he could thrive with a team like New Orleans or (barf) Pittsburgh. Wins are not a QB stat, look no further than what’s going on in Seattle with Wilson.

  16. Carr is not the problem, I agree he has a terrible OLine that doesn’t protect him and folds so easily. Any Quarterback would have a hard time with this line. Carr has to trust his receivers also to catch the ball and be where he wants them to be.
    You are right , unless there is a Super star Quarterback coming in next year’s draft the Raiders are going to go backwards without Carr.

  17. Derek Carr can produce a winning season as we have seen. Before Carr, we have to go all the way back to Gannon to see a winning season. That was a long dry spell. Carr isn’t the problem. The Raiders have had 12 head coach changes over the past 20 years (average = new head coach less than every 2 years) along with wide receiver turnover, lack of a #1 wide out, and letting good talent get away including offensive linemen which is starting to really show. That is an incredible lack of continuity, probably the worst of any NFL team. What good quarterback in their right mind would want to come to the Raiders given the Raiders past wrap sheet? We are lucky Carr loves being a Raider. I just hope that doesn’t wear off with all the continued drama of turnover.

  18. I don’t understand why people keep blaming Carr. He’s a top ten QB in the league. You can’t expect the man to produce when the team refuses to put talent around him. Carr hasn’t had a top WR since Cooper and Crabtree and they were slightly above average, still Carr was on track to possibly winning the League MVP that year. This year his top WR is Hunter Renfrow and Carr is one of top QBs leading the league in passing yards. If the Raiders would stop acting like Carr is the problem and spend some **** money on talented WRs (Davante Adams) and fix the offensive line so he has time to throw I promise Carr and the Raiders will succeed.

  19. Draft Pickett from pitt. That dude can throw and run so well. He would actually be able to complete 3rd downs and score more td’s. Bye bye carr, you won’t be missed by Mr.

  20. I like Carr, he’s a class act AND a very talented QB — BUT —

    If you’re Mark are you gonna load him up with a VERY FAT *** extn likely well north of $90 mil when there are so many other holes in your roster??

    I think I’d trade him, stock some picks, blow up the OL, get some young hungry guys in there who can block for Mariota and Jacobs, and focus on the HC search. Leatherwood is a flat out bust, move on.

  21. The fact that they had Learherwood rated so high, when all other teams gave him a 2nd round grade, speaks volumes of the ineptitude of Gruden, and the front office.

  22. The goal is to win the Super Bowl, if you think DC can do that then stick with him. His game and decision making is not consistent enough to do it imo. If it was, they would have beat the giants, bears, and redskins this year, the falcons and dolphins last year, the jags and jets the year before…all inferior opponents, must win games, and he played poorly. He is a fools gold qb, a good fluke….looks great, then terrible. Cant make the playoffs, let alone win a super bowl with a inconsistent leader like that. He is a good guy don’t get me wrong, just too fragile upstairs to get it done week in and week out.

  23. Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson… Those are the only ones who we take over Carr. Is Carr inconsistent sometimes… Absolutely… However, we also see that if he can be consistent he can be like Aaron Rodgers. Have we forgotten about all the QB’s we had after Rich Gannon? Good Qbs don’t grow on trees and I understand the need for change but the grass is not greener on the other side all the time. Honestly, I don’t even want us to invest in a rookie qb if the front office is not going to properly give him a atmosphere to thrive, Carr has not had that for pretty much his whole career.

  24. You’re right. Raiders need to address a myriad of issues , Carr is not one of them. He is doing the best he can with what he has to work with and right now, that is not much.

  25. All you people hating on Carr are idiots and have no football IQ at all.. his line sucks….. gruden quits or gets fired whatever the hell you want to call it. We were winning so Goodell funds a way to throw monket wrench into our season.. they were investigating Washington football team and gruden is only one to get in trouble go figure… then you got this dumb MF ruggs who gets drunk and kills someone… and Carr has held his team somewhat together…. HE IS A FRANCHISE QB!!! He has given his heart and soul to my team… he is the definition of LEADER.

  26. We need a voice. Why can’t Carr motivate the team to play harder? Why does our quarterback seem to need motivation to play his best? I’m so embarrassed of this team once again. Can Davis just sell the team. He’s obviously a loser owner. It all starts at the top. Good owners get good coaches who have good GMs and assistant coaches who coach players to play football. Our coaches talk about developing young men. What the f,’b crap is that?!?!? We don’t want a Boy Scout team, and oh btw that turned out a failure, look at 11 & 30. Just gone!! Professionals don’t need their hands held they need to be driven to success. It’s not that hard either theses kids players are used to winning they’ve all been winning their entire careers and now you bring this culture on them. I really think if we want to stop being the Lions and Browns the teams needs a 4sale sign!

  27. Most of the Raider fans that want Carr gone are the same people that loved Matt McGloin. They have never gotten over the fact that McGloin was never good enough to beat out Derek Carr who was a far better player. I happen to like Mariota but there is a reason he is the backup. Why would you bench Derek Carr and start Mariota? It is clear that Carr is the better QB and Mariota has had a history of injuries. So now you bench Carr for Mariota, now what? Your backup Mariota gets injured and Derek Carr is alienated and wants out. Now you need a new quarterback. There are very few quarterbacks out there that will be available in the off season especially those that are at the same level as Derek Carr. Now you’ve set the team back another decade.

  28. Just no way Carr is worth the amount of salary cap he eats up. If he’s willing to work for roughly half what he’s getting now so the team can afford ALL the help he needs around him for the team to win then, it’s a deal. If not, trade him and start anew. Raiders will never win big with Carr getting all that money.

  29. Justin Herbert is better than Carr. Teddy Bridgewater equal to Carr. **** having the worst qb in the division. That’s beat AF!!!

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